Men’s fashion: 9 fashion trends to embrace this fall

After a summer spent enjoying the wonders Quebec has to offer (and with the pandemic making local tourism more popular than ever), it’s time to enjoy picking apples and strolling through pumpkin patches. At Ernest, we adore the fall with its vibrant colours, flavours and scents. And best of all, this is an ideal time to surround yourself with the warmth and comfort of new fall clothes. In this blog post, we’ll explore nine major fashion trends for the fall of 2020. Which ones will you try?


1. Turtlenecks

For several seasons, the turtleneck sweater has been a staple piece in the wardrobes of stylish men. Luxurious materials and textures give this type of sweater a look that’s both chic and casual. Whether you’re at the office or getting ready for a night out, turtlenecks in solid colours and bold stripe patterns are suavely polished. This versatile garment can be matched with dress pants, but jeans and chinos are preferable this season. Are you unsure what to wear over your new turtleneck? At Ernest, we recommend a quilted parka or lightweight leather jacket for a comfortable, sporty look.

Col roulé marine
Col roulé gris à bande noire
Parka olive avec col roulé crème
2. Floral print shirts

Gone are the days when floral patterns were reserved for summer! This fall, show off a casual collared shirt adorned with a subtle or striking botanical print. Whether the base colour is light or dark, you can’t go wrong because there are no restrictions. If floral prints aren’t your cup of tea, rest assured, micro-geometric patterns are still in style this season. For inspiration, check out the audacious shirts in our Au Noir collection.

Chemise sport à motif floral

Chemise sport à motif floral et chino cognac

3. Shoulder bags

This fall, stop stuffing your pockets (or your partner’s purse) with your wallet, keys and smartphone. It’s finally time to become self-sufficient and get yourself a shoulder bag. Practical and increasingly popular, this classy European accessory allows you to show off your physique by holding items that would otherwise create unsightly bulges in your outfit.

Plus, with a bag, you’ll no longer have to transfer your personal effects between pockets because they’ll always be in one place. From structured to leather and athletic, there’s a men’s bag for every taste. Soon, you won’t be able to live without it!

 Chandail et sac à bandoulière

Chandail et sac à bandoulière flatlay

4. Quilted sportswear

Quilted fabrics are an iconic part of the chic athleisure look and ideal for stylish hikes. Do you look like you’re about to climb a mountain or discover unexplored trails? Then you’ve captured the essence of this trend! Combine a dark quilted jacket with a casual plaid shirt for a confident lumberjack look or simply wear it as a windbreaker.

Chemise à carreaux et veste matelassée

Manteau matelassé avec manches en tissu marine

Manteau marine matelassé et chemise à carreaux

5. Cardigans as outerwear

Is it cool out, but not enough to merit a lined jacket? The solution is in your closet: simply put on a gorgeous cardigan (open or closed) and you’re good to go! To make it easier to layer over a sweater, choose a cardigan that’s loose and comfortable. With a pair of jeans or chinos on, you’ll be ready to make the most of a beautiful fall day!

 Cardigan à boutons et chemise sport

Cardigan marine à fermeture éclair

6. Sheepskin and leather jackets

There are two fall jackets that are absolutely essential to the modern man’s wardrobe: one made of genuine or faux sheepskin, and one made of well-cut, high-quality leather — and not the kind you would wear on a motorcycle! Whether you prefer the aviator or bad boy look, you’ll certainly find the outerwear you need at Ernest.

 Manteau de cuir et mouton renversé

Manteau de cuir noir et sac à bandoulière

7. Windowpane and check sport jackets

Windowpane was the popular pattern this spring. Come fall, every variation will make an appearance, from large and small squares to tartans and more. If you want your sport jacket to turn heads, dare to mix rich textures with warm or cold colours, depending on your preference.

 Veston sport à carreaux bruns

Veston sport à carreaux rouilles

Veston sport gris à carreaux

8. Vests

Either worn over a fitted dress shirt or underneath a sport jacket, vests are back in style, to the delight of stylish men who love layering. Plus, the modern version of this garment is incredibly flattering, from its fitted shape to its luxurious materials and refined detailing. In other words, we give this garment top marks.

 Veste sans manche en lainage cognac

Veston sport gris charcoal sur veste sans manche cognac

Veste sans manche en lainage bleue

9. Striking shoes

It’s good to have nice clothes, but pairing them with eye-catching shoes is better. Make a statement with pairs that are both comfortable and stylish. The detailed stitching, rich colours and decorative perforations of your shoes can transform your look. Do you need advice on how best to match your shoes to your outfit? To avoid a misstep, speak with our experts!

Chaussures pour hommes colorées

Ernest: the modern man’s wardrobe

Are you ready to fill your closet with trendy fall clothes and accessories? Get inspired today by our new arrivals, many of which are featured in our Fall-Winter 2020-2021 Lookbook. Now, is the time to shop and find the looks you’ll love for the season.