Mens Fashion and Looks Summer 2021 to make the most of terrasses

The perfect looks and outfits of Summer 2021 for men to show off your style on terrasses

It’s hard not to be uplifted by the sun, clear skies and warm weather. With the long-awaited reopening, many people are eager to get back to socializing. Are you feeling good and ready to celebrate your newfound freedom? If you want to dress to impress over a meal or drinks on a terrasse, choose from among these fashionable suggestions offered by our knowledgeable stylists. What’s in store? Casual and formal outfits for the modern man who’s not afraid to turn heads wherever he goes!

Mens fashion summer 2021- Outfits and Styles

  1. Shirts with summer patterns 
Bermuda shorts and a shirt with a pattern reminiscent of summer are an unassuming pair, perfect for relaxing on a terrasse. Choose from an array of colours and patterns to suit your mood and personality. Are you feeling simple and chic or bright and bold? It’s up to you! That being said, we at Ernest believe that after months of not being able to go out, there’s no time like the present to be playful with your outfit.

Chemise à manches courtes bermuda

Chemise à manches courtes à motif de pétoncles

  1. Shirts with big, bold patterns
A night out on the town is the perfect opportunity to make a bold statement. Go ahead and challenge yourself to create a look that’ll turn heads. Start with a breathable shirt with a large floral or geometric pattern, since these are all the rage this year. Whether you prefer bright colours, pastels or a classic black-and-white combo, you can’t go wrong. A pair of Bermuda shorts, jeans or well-cut chinos will complete the look.

Chemise florale à manches courtes chino bleu

Chemises à manches courtes noires et blanches

  1. Collared shirts with the sleeves rolled up

Are you looking for an outfit that’s stylish yet casual? Slip on your favourite collared shirt and roll up the sleeves. If it’s really hot out, feel free to undo the top buttons. The great thing about this look is that you can easily transition from the office to a post-work happy hour. With jeans, chinos or even a pair of stylish shorts without pockets, you’ll be ready to spend an evening on a terrasse in good company.

Chemise sport à motif de fleurs bermuda framboise

Chemise sport chino bleu

Do you need new shirts for work, date night or another event where you want to look your best? Ernest carries casual shirts and short-sleeve shirts in a variety of solid colours and trendy patterns (flowers, palm trees, fireworks, suns, plaid, fish, etc.). The options are virtually endless.


  1. Ultra-chic sport jackets

Have you decided to treat yourself to a dining experience at an upscale terrasse or a renowned restaurant? If you want to look the part and feel comfortable, you can never go wrong with a sport jacket.  Check out our collections to find a cut that will enhance your silhouette. Pair it with an elegant dress shirt, dress pants and impeccable shoes, and people will be rolling out the red carpet for you.

Veston sport bleu jean blanc t-shirt rose

Veston brun et chemise sport

  1. All kinds of accessories
It’s a well-known fact that if you want to look dapper, mastering the details is key. That’s why we suggest you wear a nice watch or bracelet and a belt that matches your outfit (woven and braided ones are ideal for summer).Accessoires pour hommes

Sunglasses (preferably designer ones) and a light hat (like this beautiful straw fedora) are also well suited for sitting in the sun on a terrasse. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Ceintures tressés pour hommes

For the final touch, opt for either athletic or dress shoes. To find the perfect pair, check out our article Men’s shoe trends: discover what styles to adopt this summer.

Chaussures GEOX

Ernest: helping you make the most of summer

Do you need advice or ideas to help you put together outfits you can wear on terrasses and elsewhere this summer? Check out our Spring-Summer 2021 Lookbook or follow our social media accounts for more inspiration. For a complete wardrobe refresh, visit the “The Essentials” section of our website.

Is fashion not your forte? Are you worried about combining the wrong pieces? Don’t worry! We’re happy to provide personalized advice at our boutiques. Our stylists can show you our collections (including our in-house brands Anthony of London and Orvieto) and help you build fashionable, flattering outfits that suit your personality and lifestyle.

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