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Article: Father's Day: Ernest pays tribute to three of his wonderful dads.

Fête des Pères : Ernest rend hommage à trois de ses merveilleux papas

Father's Day: Ernest pays tribute to three of his wonderful dads.

In Canada, Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 16, 2024, and it presents a beautiful opportunity to express our appreciation for all the loving, generous, funny, and caring fathers in our lives. In this article, our team at Ernest is happy and proud to pay tribute to three exceptional dads: Pascal, Jonathan, and Luis. In addition to having a brilliant career within our company, they care for their children with love while sporting the trendiest styles!


Pascal has been working at Ernest for 20 years now. Passionate and ambitious, he quickly climbed the ranks to become the manager of the Saint-Bruno Ernest store. This position suits him perfectly, allowing him to build beautiful daily relationships with customers and employees.
A father of four children, Pascal admits that balancing his professional responsibilities with his role as a parent is not always easy. It indeed requires significant effort to maintain a healthy balance. The key to his success? Teamwork with his partner, whom he can rely on whenever his career demands more involvement. Inevitably, when he returns home, he takes the time to create sweet and memorable moments with his children.
The births of his children were unforgettable experiences in his life and career. Since childbirth can be unpredictable, he had to leave the store on several occasions at a moment's notice. Fortunately, he could count on an extraordinary team that helped him manage everything. What he particularly appreciates about Ernest is its family atmosphere, both among team members and with customers.
Pascal is a relaxed dad who enjoys life and a balanced man who adeptly adapts to his various roles. His favourite clothing at Ernest? All the jeans! With an impressive variety, everyone finds something to suit their style for any activity.


Before becoming the manager at the Ernest store in Granby, Jonathan held the assistant manager position. Between these two roles, he worked in the automotive industry. He accepted his current position greatly because he feels at home there!
As the father of a son, Jonathan fairly quickly balances his work and parenting responsibilities. Since his schedule allows it, he can drive his child to school every morning, allowing them to spend quality time together. Sometimes, comes to the store and lends a hand with closing tasks, creating precious memories that will last a lifetime.
Just like Pascal, Jonathan appreciates most about working at Ernest and feeling part of a large family. He also likes that employees are recognized and valued for their work, regardless of their position. His sense of belonging to the company has only grown since he arrived!
Jonathan, a proud Ernest dad's club member, has solid family values. Since style is his thing, he ensures that his child's clothing is appropriate and as trendy as possible. His favourite clothing at Ernest? The must-have suits, without hesitation!


Having started his career at Ernest in the late 90s, Luis has long been passionate about men's clothing. He worked part-time as an assistant manager and manager at various branches in the Quebec region and now holds the regional manager position.
As the father of a little boy born during the COVID-19 pandemic, Luis balances his parenting responsibilities and professional tasks very well. Despite his busy schedule, he is fortunate to have an understanding employer and wonderful parents who are always ready to help. His advice to fathers would be to plan a "game plan" for balancing work and family life. It's possible to find an arrangement by discussing it with your employer.
Unsurprisingly, like his colleagues Pascal and Jonathan, Luis especially appreciates the family aspect of the Ernest team. In addition to enjoying the closeness with his colleagues, he says he is proud to be part of a 100% Quebecois company.
Luis, Ernest's dad, is a protective, proud, driven man who can overcome all personal and professional challenges despite life's obstacles. His favourite garment at Ernest? The sports jacket gives him a proud look in all circumstances.


We loudly say "congratulations" to these three exceptional dads! They prove you can advance in your career while remaining present for your family. Their dedication and involvement demonstrate their unconditional love and support for their children. We salute all fathers who share our family values, work hard, and strive to be positive role models.
Want to make your father — or the father of your children — happy on June 16 by giving them an original gift, but they don't need anything? No problem! Get plenty of ideas by checking out our article What Gift to Give to a Man Who Has Everything? Otherwise, give them a traditional or virtual Ernest gift card so they can choose what's missing from their wardrobe themselves!
Curious to learn more about the origins of Father's Day and discover fascinating facts about this celebration around the world? Check out this article!
The entire Ernest team wishes all fathers a happy Father's Day!

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