Winter is over and spring has officially arrived in Canada! The sun is coming out more and more, and we are happy about that! While we wait for the temperature to rise, it's still time to put away the winter jacket, coat, parka, or duffle coat that makes up the classic Canadian men's look.

The end of winter is the perfect time to bring out our most beautiful leather coats for men. Want to change your usual leather jacket and show off vintage and elegant outerwear? Whether you're going for a total black leather look or a more vintage brown leather piece, check out our coat collection. Ernest, your quality clothing distributor in Canada, has some great men's leather coats for spring.


The models of men's coats made of lamb leather are available in different classic colors: black, navy, and cognac. If you're looking for a man's leather coat that will match all your outfits, this jacket is one of the outerwear pieces you need. The stitching and luxurious details make this leather coat a timeless piece that you'll love to wear for multiple seasons. These men's leather coats will look just as good with your favorite jeans or chino as they will with dress pants and a chic shirt or sweatshirt!

Beware of the more awkward men, the lambskin jackets are a bit more fragile! On the other hand, these men's garments are lighter and the more you wear them, the better they will fit your body. Avoid getting your men's lambskin coat in a size that is too large, as the leather will stretch over time. Opt for a lambskin coat for men in a navy color or black to be more discreet (we can't say it enough, the total black look works!). If you want to proudly display a more assertive look, dare cognac or brown to stand out!

Manteau en cuir d’agneau de couleur cognac ou brun pour homme
Lamb leather coat in cognac or brown for men

Manteau en cuir d’agneau de couleur marine pour homme
Lamb leather coat in navy color for men

Manteau en cuir d’agneau de couleur noir pour homme
Black lamb leather coat for men


For a sporty outerwear look that works well for everyday wear, these men's leather jackets with amazing details are sure to delight. These men's jackets are made of pigskin leather and are a little heavier than the lambskin models. These men's garments will stand up well to light bumps and snags.

Possible addition: These coats were trendy a few years ago, but their stiffness caused some discomfort for many men. The hide takes longer to relax than a lambskin model. A pigskin leather, which has aged, can be easily spotted because of its more pronounced discoloration or by the folds formed by wear at the elbows or the belly. It was often a more affordable model than lambskin, but its more "imperfect" look has quietly been put aside. It's not a style mistake to have one in your wardrobe, but lambskin remains a timeless piece.

Cognac colored pigskin coat for men - Proposed by Ernest a few years ago.


Again, it is possible to get the perfect post-winter look on a budget. This type of coat looks just like real leather!

Of course, this men's synthetic leather coat will probably be less durable in the long run than real leather, but it's a great compromise for those who don't like natural leather. Well-thought-out stitching and micro-perforations on the textile, grey navy color, close fit, soft material… And more for this synthetic leather coat specially designed for men! A winning choice that you will proudly wear at the end of winter! 

Possible addition: Synthetic leathers are not necessarily made of polymer. There are new "vegan" versions made from pineapple or bamboo leather. No matter what your style and beliefs are, you can sport the look!

Keep in mind that "fake" leathers are sometimes warmer than real leather. They also do not necessarily adapt to the shape of the body over time. Make sure you choose the right size at the fitting to avoid disappointment.


Synthetic Leather Model - Projek Raw


We're telling you, no matter what your favorite thing is, it's essential to protect your leather jacket well. Your leather jacket for men already has a base layer. However, it is important to use a protector on the leather jacket at least once or twice a season and depending on your use.

There are products such as Tana, style 16. This product is a protector that acts as a moisturizer for your leather coat. Have you ever seen an old leather jacket that was cracking or peeling? This product will extend the life of your men's leather coat. Leather is not just an ingredient used by the textile industry to make outerwear, it is a noble material! It is therefore important to take care of it, especially at the end of winter. Your leather outerwear deserves 5-star protection!


Tana protector for leather coat

Use about 3/4 of a bottle to treat your men's leather coat, and do it in an airy place. Insist on the parts of the jacket that touch your skin, such as the collar and sleeves. Also insist on the areas of the leather jacket where there might be rubbing (shoulders or bottom of the jacket). The Tana style 16 for the leather coat is not the same protector as for your boots. Do not use this type of protector which also acts against salt on your clothes to avoid damaging them.

Between seasons, use a microperforated textile or cotton cover to store your men's leather coat and protect it from dust and moisture.

For men who love elegance, the leather coat is a wardrobe essential that will follow them for a few seasons without any problem. Check out our collection and request delivery without further delay. Forget the usual "trench coat - jacket" combo and dare to proudly display new colors or new cuts of leather coat to vary with the years, after each winter!

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