Men's fashion: the perfect looks for Valentine's Day!

Men’s fashion trends: gentlemen, discover the looks that’ll please the ladies this Valentine’s Day!

Have you started to plan your Valentine’s Day celebrations but are lacking a bit of inspiration? It’s true that the current circumstances don’t allow for many of the traditional holiday activities such as eating a multi-course meal at a five-star establishment. However, there’s nothing stopping you from having a delicious dinner delivered from a local restaurant or caterer if you don’t want to don your chef’s hat. 

What’s more, if the weather isn’t nice enough on February 14 to go skating or walking, you can always opt to spend time together in the comfort of your home. Doing quizzes with your partner, for example, can be a fun way to get to know them better.

Do you want to make sure you look like a heartthrob for your sweetheart? The Ernest team has some suggestions for you. 

  • Romantic, yet comfortable

Red is the colour of love and passion. It also provides an automatic confidence boost. So, while it might seem a bit cliché, we recommend that you integrate this colour into your outfit, as your partner will appreciate the attention to detail.

Red sweater

For a romantic allure, you have plenty of choices. For example, you could wear a plain or patterned red sweater; the same goes for a casual collared shirt. Are you a little intimidated by large swatches of red? If so, stick with just a colourful accessory such as a tie, bow tie, pocket square or socks. 

Half Zip Sweater

To make sure you feel at ease, opt for comfortable pants as well. That said, it’s obvious that sweatpants won’t do for an occasion like Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have anything red in your wardrobe, or the pieces you have just aren’t up to par, shop at one of our boutiques before February 14.

Beige cardigan matinique

  • Refined, yet accessible

If you want to catch your sweetheart’s eye, put on your favourite shirt (with or without a pattern), or opt for a simple, elegant cardigan that can be buttoned or zipped up over a fitted shirt or quality T-shirt. This will give you the option to remove a layer if things get a little steamy. As for pants, a pair of well-cut jeans or chinos are a sure bet. And for the finishing touch, don’t forget to wear your dazzling smile!

Black sweater

Trust our stylists at Ernest to find you an outfit that’s both polished and casual. Taking into account your preferences and body type, we’ll find you THE perfect look for a memorable Valentine’s Day (and one that’ll surely make your partner want to take plenty of pictures together). 

Navy sweater
  • Chic, yet subtle

If you want to dazzle the woman in your life on Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to roll out the red carpet with your best outfit. In addition to being comfortable and easy to match with any pants, a luxurious turtleneck sweater is always a hit with the ladies, as it brings a certain warmth to your look. If it’s cold out, your sweetheart will surely want to snuggle up in your arms.

charcoal grey turtleneck

Are you looking for a sweater to flatter your physique? Check out our gorgeous options, including pieces from Orvieto and Anthony of London. It’ll be love at first sight!

Savour the moment in your bubble of happiness!

Finally, remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t just an opportunity to eat chocolate, buy roses and drink champagne. It’s also about  making small, tender and attentive gestures, and it’s this that will make the day magical. Whether you give your partner a massage, let her choose the movie or simply hold her hand and look deep into her eyes while she talks, these are priceless gifts that’ll make her smile. During these stressful times, showing affection and being fully in the present moment are essential for maintaining hope about better days to come.

Make Valentine’s Day 2021 the celebration you want it to be by finding an outfit at Ernest. Whatever the occasion, our stores offer a variety of collections to put together accessible, chic and comfortable looks. From dress shirts and casual button-ups to sport jackets, sweaters and cardigans, as well as pants, belts and accessories (bracelets, watches, etc.), you’ll find everything you need in an assortment of colours, cuts and materials.

Happy Valentine's Day from our entire team! ❤️

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