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Article: Exceptional dads: When career and fatherhood come together at Ernest

Papas d'exception : Quand carrière et paternité se rejoignent chez Ernest

Exceptional dads: When career and fatherhood come together at Ernest

Discover the inspiring profiles of these fathers who have managed to climb the ranks while being present for their children.  

For Father's Day, we are thrilled to highlight some of our exceptional dads. In total, we will present four profiles of fathers who have climbed the ranks within our company.
These career men are true models of success. Their dedication to both their work and their families is admirable. They have successfully balanced their professional responsibilities with their role as fathers.

In the next moments, you will discover the inspiring journeys of these remarkable fathers. Their captivating stories will show you how they have managed to progress professionally while being present in their children's lives. Their unique experiences and accomplishments will serve as a source of inspiration for finding your own balance between career and fatherhood.
Get ready to meet these exceptional dads who embody success in every aspect. Their dedication to their families and work is an example to follow for all fathers. By featuring them today, we pay tribute to all fathers who do their best to be present in their children's lives.

Luc and Dominik

Luc has been a part of the Ernest family for over thirty years. His career started humbly as a part-time employee in a store, but he climbed the ranks to become the Regional Director of the South Shore region of Montreal and its surroundings.

Luc is truly passionate about men's fashion and personalized customer service, elements that have consistently fueled his journey over the years. Occasionally, he participates in our various collaborations on social media. Our dear Luc always brings a touch of humor and happiness with his presence.

Just over a year ago, his son Dominik started his own adventure at Ernest as a store advisor at Quartier Dix30. Fortunately for us, he shares the same overflowing passion as his father. We are delighted to welcome such talented and enthusiastic family succession!


Francis, Daniel and Joël

Francis is our kind-hearted representative in the Quebec region! As a proud father of two boys with energetic and spontaneous personalities, Francis has been passionately working for our company for many years. You will always find him ready to welcome you with a smile at our Ernest store in Laurier Quebec, where he will expertly advise you to refresh your wardrobe or add key pieces to it.

During our photoshoot, his two boys, Daniel and Joël, enthusiastically participated with our photographer. Daniel was thrilled to share his passion for fantasy characters, adding a touch of magic to the atmosphere. Joël, on the other hand, more reserved, couldn't help but burst into laughter at his brother's funny faces. We had a wonderful time with them!

We wish Francis, a loving and devoted dad, a happy Father's Day!

Dimitri and Gabriel

Dimitri is one of our talented buyers with several years of experience. He started his career in our stores. His unwavering flair for trends and boundless creativity are major assets for Ernest.

Dimitri is responsible for creating our unique sports jackets and suits, in addition to collaborating with major brands in the industry. Together with his teammate Brad, they regularly travel across Europe in search of the latest patterns and colours to build Ernest's future collections.

For Father's Day, his son Gabriel joined him to immortalize their bond. Despite a certain shyness, Gabriel melted our hearts and, of course, his father's, who is always impeccably stylish!

Patrick, Maverick and Matt

Patrick joined the Ernest team at the beginning of 2023 as the new Director of Personnel. With his many years of experience in retail and his love for fashion, he truly stands out for his ability to understand the reality of our staff. Patrick is a true sports enthusiast and knows how to convey the energy of teamwork. He is a true creator of success.

For Father's Day, his two sons, Maverick and Matt, played along by bringing accessories related to their respective sports: hockey and lacrosse. It is clear that these two young men share the same passion as their father. It is truly touching to see how invested they are in their sports activities, just as their father is in his work.
These men have shown that it is possible to progress professionally while being present for their families. Their commitment to their children is a tangible proof of the love and unconditional support they provide.

On this special day, we pay tribute to all fathers who work hard, sacrifice their time and do their best to be role models for their children. Their positive influence and affectionate presence are invaluable treasures in their children's lives.

We hope that the inspiring stories of these outstanding dads have touched you and encouraged you to value and celebrate the remarkable fathers around us. Let us never forget the importance of recognizing and appreciating fathers' efforts in our society.
In conclusion, we thank all fathers who continue to work hard, thrive professionally, and guide their children on the path of life. Happy Father's Day to all, with our utmost respect and admiration.

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