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Article: What gift to give to a man who already has everything?

Quel cadeau offrir à un homme qui a déjà tout?

What gift to give to a man who already has everything?

We often have the impression that the person we want to spoil already has everything, but this is an illusion! Are you wondering how to be original and surprise a man you want to please for his birthday, retirement, Father's Day or Christmas, for example? Discover our tips to find the perfect gift!

First of all, take an interest in him and his favorite activities

To better orient your research, you should take an interest in the man to whom you want to give a gift, whether it is your father, your father-in-law, your brother, your brother-in-law, your son, your friend or your work colleague. If you don't know much about him, try to find out more about his favorite activities and interests (sports, cars, literature, animals, nature, video games, visual arts, crafts, gardening, wine, travel, hunting, fishing, hiking, shows, etc.).

DIY gift

You can get this information subtly, by looking at his social media pages (what types of Instagram posts does he tend to share?), for example, or by frankly asking someone close to him who will assure you of his complete discretion. By doing this exercise beforehand, you will avoid selecting a gift that could leave him indifferent!

fishing package

Count on the surprise

To find a gift that the man is not expecting, look for the latest trend (you can get inspiration for this on Instagram or Pinterest). You can also "follow" his favorite artist or athlete for ideas: promotional items, tickets to a game, album, autobiography, jersey, etc.

A customizable gift

There is a wide variety of items that can be personalized. You could give him cufflinks with his initials on them, a coffee mug, a wine (or beer) glass with an inscription that will make him say to the other members of his household, with a smile, "This, no one is allowed to use but me!"

Here are some suggestions of Quebec brands:

The latest gadget in fashion

If you're sure that the man who has everything in question doesn't have the latest gadget everyone's talking about, hurry! He'll be thrilled - and impressed - that you beat him to it.

To get a good idea of the most sought-after products, check out articles from specialized sites, like this one from Videotron, which reveals the four major technologies to watch out for in 2022.

A gift for the office

Try snooping around to see what's on the desk of the man you want to give a gift to (or ask his colleagues to investigate for you!). Once you know what he has and what he doesn't have, start shopping for an accessory that will improve his daily life at work: a smartphone holder, a USB coffee cup warmer, a portable mini-fridge, a small fan, an easy-care (or artificial) plant, a state-of-the-art mouse, a footrest, etc.

A beauty box not ordinary

On the Internet, in pharmacies, beauty salons or spas, you can find a host of beauty and body hygiene products (shower gel, deodorant, facial cleanser, after-shave lotion, beard oil, etc.) that will please a man who likes to take care of his appearance.

Young shirtless man in front of a mirror applying shaving cream with a shaving brush.

Look for formulas that are unique, prestigious, eco-friendly, local or contain trendy ingredients like volcanic clay. For a successful gift, choose products that they would probably never buy for themselves.

GROOM offers gift sets of ethical and eco-responsible skincare products made with natural ingredients and made in Montreal, and Simkha offers a Men's Skincare Routine Set of five organic, vegan and Quebec-made products.

An ordinary accessory that is out of the ordinary

Some everyday objects can have a luxurious or original version that will make her say "wow"! For example, you could get her :

  • An ultra-comfortable high-end pillow;

  • An unusual bottle opener (in the shape of a bear head, a guitar, etc.);

  • A luxury lighter;

  • A robust flashlight.

The main advantage of choosing this type of "practical" gift is that it is virtually guaranteed that he will use it regularly... with you in mind!

A gift that lasts

Giving a gift that someone will want to keep for a lifetime, or even pass on to their heirs, is a powerful gesture. For example, you could give them:

  • An exceptional watch from a brand renowned for its durability;

  • A quality reproduction of a work by an artist he admires;

  • An antique that will become even more valuable over time.

stylish watch

To find a beautiful watch that he'll wear with pride and care, visit a jewelry store or stop by Ernest. Our stylists will help you find the perfect watch to match your child's eyes and wardrobe.


You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, because for some obscure reason, we often tend to misplace them! Essential to protect our eyes from the powerful and damaging UV rays, they are a much appreciated gift, in winter as well as in summer!

Find a frame that's classic or bolder, depending on your man's preference for everything. Polarized lenses, which offer effective UV protection while keeping the light out of your eyes, are popular.

In this regard, discover now the wood and metal sunglasses from the Quebec company Kraywoods. There is something for everyone, and the prices are surprisingly affordable. As a bonus, the company is committed to planting a tree in Kenya for each frame sold!

A storage accessory

Does the man you want to pamper have several items in the same category that he has trouble organizing in an orderly fashion? Get him one or more accessories specially designed to hold his watches, glasses, shoes, perfumes, rings, hats, board games, records or screwdrivers!

A package for an activity he has never done

Does your father, father-in-law, son, business partner, best friend or brother-in-law like to get out of his comfort zone? Giving him the opportunity to try a new activity could certainly satisfy him!

You could find a package with Forfaits Québec, Go Forfaits or La Forfaiterie, among others. Here are some examples of exciting activities:

A man and a woman smiling near a window during a plane ride.

  • A parachute jump;

  • Driving a performance car in a closed circuit;

  • An initiation to Flyboard;

  • A virtual reality experience;

  • A plane, helicopter or hot air balloon ride;

  • A rafting trip.

The easy choice: the gift card

If you want the man who already has everything to be able to find a gift that will make him happy every time, giving him a gift card from a company or business he likes (or that you think he'll like) is a smart choice.

That said, don't just give her a "naked" gift card with the bill (in case of activation problems). Please go out of your way to show her that this wasn't a last minute gift idea! You could, for example:

  • Give her the card in a beautiful package (or better yet, in a nice reusable container);

  • Accompany it with a personalized handwritten note in a greeting card made in Quebec - see the creations of Citron&Miel, printed on FSC-certified recycled paper, the watercolor ones from Hobeika Art or the playful and colorful ones from Paperole;

  • Offer to plan an outing with you to pick out her gift and have a bite to eat afterwards.

A winning idea for a man who likes to follow fashion trends? An Ernest gift card, of course! You can choose a virtual or traditional card. Our boutiques include all the clothing and fashion accessories a man needs to look great from head to toe in all circumstances, whether it's for a special event (ball, wedding, gala), at work, on a trip, at the cottage, etc.

Ernest boutiques gift card

Dress pants, jeans and chinos, sport shirts, original socks, luxurious underwear, suits, watches, belts, shoes, bracelets, bow ties... the complete wardrobe of the modern man, it's at Ernest's that you will find it!

A book that relates an event of youth

If you have some free time, you could create a book that will evoke fond memories of your man's youth. Think of a scrapbook highlighting his greatest sporting achievement or reminding him of his best childhood birthday. For more personalization, add a caption or touching anecdotes. Are you comfortable with new technologies? Some companies (including Jean Coutu and PhotoInPress) offer software and applications that allow you to print and bind digital photos.

Your nostalgic gift is sure to bring out the best in your loved one!

photo book

An exceptional bottle of wine or spirits

Whether the man you're giving this gift to has a wine cellar or not, if he enjoys a quality alcoholic beverage on occasion, he'll be happy to add a prestigious bottle to his bar!

Take a look at the SAQ's Cellier line for inspiration, or visit a store for personalized advice. If possible, know the recipient's preferred taste (e.g., aromatic and full-bodied, fruity and light), or check out their preferences in terms of spirits (e.g., whisky, tequila, cognac, sake, rum, vodka).

An entry in a sports competition

The man in question is in Olympic shape and likes to push his physical limits? Offer to pay for his registration to an event that will challenge him, and to accompany him to encourage him!

Think of the Spartan Race, the Pentathlon des neiges, the Tour du Lac Brome, the Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean or, for family fun, the Cool Dad Race!

Tickets for an event

Young man from behind filming an outdoor show with his phone.

A man who has everything can't have seen every show on the bill or attended every festival and event imaginable! So you can offer him passes to :

  • A game (field hockey, soccer, soccer, etc.);

  • A show (comedy, music, theater, etc.);

  • A festival (of cinema, beer, dance, etc.);

  • A trade show (car show, agriculture show, home show, etc.).

If you know his interests and agenda, this type of gift will delight him!

A registration for courses or workshops

A man who loves to learn and develop his talents will be delighted if you offer him a registration for courses or workshops in a field that interests him, for example:

  • The wines;

  • Social dances;

  • Indian cuisine;

  • Martial arts;

  • Foreign languages;

  • Ornithology;

  • Music (vocals, guitar, drums, piano, etc.);

  • Photography;

  • The painting;

  • History;

  • Woodworking.

If your man's schedule is very busy, you should know that it is often possible to take online courses in the evening or on weekends, for example. Find out more!

Bonus tip: start your research right away!

After reading our tips and suggestions, you probably have a gift idea or two for a man who already has everything! That said, remember to plan ahead to avoid unpleasant surprises (some products may be out of stock, or activities may be so popular that you can't get tickets). One thing to remember is that no matter what gift you give, it will warm your man's heart. And remember, as the saying goes, it's the thought that counts!

Take advantage of our sound "tailor-made" advice

Want to give him a chic piece of clothing or fashion accessory and not sure what to get? Visit an Ernest Boutique and we'll ask you questions about the man you want to give a gift to so we can make personalized recommendations. To better guide you, we'll ask you for his sizes (shirt, pants, etc.) and to describe his clothing style (you can also bring in photos of him in various circumstances).

Good shopping for the perfect gift for a man who already has everything!

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