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Article: Men’s wardrobe essentials: shirts

Quelles sont les chemises essentielles pour la garde-robe de l’homme moderne?

Men’s wardrobe essentials: shirts

Do you dream of having a wardrobe full of high-quality items to suit every occasion? The team at Ernest has put together a list of shirts that every modern man should have in their closet.

A white shirt

A basic, well-cut white shirt offers a lot in the way of versatility. Some say it’s the equivalent of a little black dress for women. You can wear a white shirt alone, under a jacket or sweater, with a suit or with a tie or bow tie. There are countless possibilities!

A white shirt is ideal to wear on a first date, at a business meeting or during wedding. However, the opacity of the shirt and the collar style are two characteristics you should keep in mind when shopping. Some shirts are more stylish than others. If you plan to wear yours with a tie or bow tie, the points of the collar should be far apart. If you’re going for a formal look, pair your shirt with a black, grey or navy suit. If you prefer a cool, summery look, pair it with well-cut jeans.

To complete your wardrobe, invest in a high-quality white dress shirt. The team at Ernest can suggest styles to suit your taste, lifestyle, physique and budget.

A blue shirt

A solid, light blue shirt is a men’s fashion must-have, especially for professional settings. In fact, many men’s fashion experts say that blue shirts are more versatile than white shirts.

This flattering colour compliments any skin tone and pairs well with patterned ties. You can wear your blue shirt with jeans for a tonal effect or with beige or khaki chinos for a contrasting look. Visit Ernest to find a blue shirt that’s casual yet chic.

A patterned shirt

It’s important to have more than just neutral shirts in your wardrobe. At Ernest, we have an impressive selection of casual shirts in discreet, daring and trendy prints. We offer shirts designed with flowers, geometric shapes, animals, confetti, abstract patterns and more.

You’re sure to find a style that’ll turn heads wherever you go. We carry top brands like Anthony of London, Fellows United, Orvieto and Au Noir. Do you need a pair of jeans or chinos to wear with your new shirt? If so, Ernest has a selection of  slacks in a variety of cuts, colours and styles. Shop online or in store today.

A striped shirt

We strongly believe that every man should have a chic shirt with thin vertical stripes in their wardrobe. This timeless pattern elongates your figure and makes you look taller. You can wear your striped shirt with a solid tie or under a sweater. If you want to take your outfit up a notch, pair it with a grey suit.

A plaid shirt

Are you looking for the perfect blend of casual and put together? If so, a plaid shirt is a great option. In general, the smaller the checks, the more elegant the shirt. You can easily get away with wearing one to work, with or without a tie. If your shirt has large checks, it’s perfect for going out with friends or those frosty evenings at the cottage. For casual outings, forgo the tie. At Ernest, you’re spoiled with a wide selection of choices. We have several styles of plaid shirts to choose from.

A short-sleeve shirt

Every stylish man needs at least one short-sleeve shirt in his wardrobe. You can wear a short-sleeve shirt alone or under a jacket and accompanied by either pants or shorts. A well-fitted short-sleeve shirt is perfect for a variety of occasions. At Ernest, we have one that’s sure to catch your eye.

A denim shirt

Denim shirts aren’t reserved for cowboys and fans of the band Bleu Jeans Bleu. In fact, a light, barely-there denim shirt is a great choice for a weekend outing or casual Friday at the office. Check out the tencel shirt with a washed denim effect made by our in-house brand, Anthony of London.

Shirts, pants and more at Ernest

Do you need a casual button-up shirt or a stylish dress shirt that’s comfortable and easy to care for? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Ernest, every product we carry meets our high, quality standards. Afterall, we only want the best for our loyal customers. If you’re always on the go, we also have a variety of no-iron shirts that can be dressed up or down.

Whether you need a pair of pants, a sweater or cardigan, a fitted blazer, a nice pair of shoes, a fancy watch or bracelet, a wallet or bag or a warm scarf or hat, you’ll find what you need at Ernest. If you want professional advice, our experienced stylists offer personalized recommendations based on your preferences. We look forward to seeing you in store.

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