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Article: How to wear a men's turtleneck sweater in style?

Une veste ou un manteau impeccable porté par-dessus saura compléter votre ensemble

How to wear a men's turtleneck sweater in style?

As the weather cools down and fall slowly gives way to winter, it's natural to look for comfort and warmth when choosing your outfit. So in any stylish man's wardrobe (that's you, since you're reading this article!), you need a variety of thick, stylish sweaters to match your dress pants, jeans or chinos, etc.

How to Wear a Turtleneck

What better way to survive Canada's temperamental cold season than with a turtleneck sweater? That said, this cozy garment of comfort shouldn't be worn any old way! At Ernest, we're all about making sure men of all ages look their best, so here are our tips on how to choose and wear it with style.

How to choose a turtleneck?

Is your wardrobe sorely lacking in turtleneck sweaters? To make a smart choice, you need to consider several criteria when shopping for them. Here are our recommendations for selecting the right models.

According to your morphology

It is important to know that the turtleneck covers your neck not only to protect it from the cold (and thus exempt you from wearing a scarf), but also to emphasize the features of your face (it nicely highlights the jaw and the chin). So, if you have a massive neckline, a thin and long neck or a very round face, a well-chosen turtleneck will balance the proportions as if by magic!

One thing is for sure, be careful when shopping for a sweater, and don't just pick the one that you think looks best or fits your budget! Remember, for example, that a collar that is too short is not very aesthetic, nor is a cut that is too tight.

Also keep in mind that if you have a long neck, the turtleneck, especially if it is dark, will create the illusion of a shorter neck, which is a great advantage. Your neck is short? Wearing a turtleneck is not forbidden: in this case, opt for a collar that does not make too many folds. Regardless of your body type, experienced stylists advise men to choose a turtleneck that covers more or less three quarters of their neck.

If you're worried about making a faux pas, rest assured that our men's fashion specialists at Ernest have the styles that will flatter your figure, whether you're slim, muscular, short, overweight or big.

The color

Since a turtleneck sweater is a standout piece, it's best to go for understated, natural colors like white, cream, gray, beige, brown, dark green, burgundy or navy. However, if you want a full wardrobe with more than one turtleneck sweater, there's nothing to stop you from selecting a few brightly colored or boldly patterned models - you're the boss, after all!

The color

A quick tip: You'll benefit from choosing your sweater based on the contrast it creates between your hair (and beard, if applicable) and your skin tone. If you like to attract attention, remember that strong contrast is an effective way to catch people's eyes.

The material

Besides covering your chest, what is the primary function of a turtleneck? Keep you warm, of course! By creating thickness at the neck, it even prevents you from wearing a neck warmer in winter (it all depends on the nature and thickness of the fabric, though).

When it comes to turtlenecks, several fibers alone or mixed are possible, some being softer, more resistant or more flexible than others:

  • Wool (sheep, alpaca, merino, etc.);
  • Cashmere (goat wool);
  • Cotton;
  • The mohair (angora goat wool);
  • Silk (natural fiber produced by silkworms);
  • Synthetic materials (elastane, polyester, etc.).

Ernest stores offer men's turtleneck sweaters in 100% merino wool and cotton/elastane blends (jersey fabric). Come and discover our sweaters from the renowned brands Matinique and Anthony of London and try on the one of your dreams!


A "proper" turtleneck sweater should do what it is supposed to do, which is to keep you warm in the winter or on cooler days in the fall and spring. Therefore, it is not advisable to choose a very thin fabric, especially if you plan to wear it alone (but with pants, of course!).

Whether you want to wear it without layering or under a coat or jacket, for example, choose a comfortable material with a thick enough knit and a loose enough cut that doesn't restrict your movements while still fitting your figure.

What should I wear my turtleneck with?

The turtleneck sweater is a garment that offers a thousand possibilities when it comes to creating a stylish men's outfit! Here are our expert suggestions on how to match it with the rest of your wardrobe.

With a suit/complete

More and more celebrities and successful businessmen known for their polished style are seen wearing a turtleneck under a quality suit. This choice gives a deceptively casual look that is very trendy. For your business meetings or sophisticated social events, go with the flow by replacing the traditional tie and shirt duo with a sleek and fairly lightweight turtleneck sweater (if you don't want to freeze to death under your jacket).

A turtleneck under a suit

If yours is neutral and sober, you have plenty of choices to match it with: a plain, striped, plaid or patterned suit, or a suit in the same shade for a bold monochrome look. Don't hesitate to ask our in-store stylists for advice on creating eye-catching outfits!

With a casual outfit

The turtleneck is also the perfect companion for casual style. Pair it with a chunky wool turtleneck sweater for a weekend at the family cottage or pair it with comfy jeans for brunch at home with friends. Wool socks, slippers or sneakers - if you're comfortable and your clothes are clean, that's all that matters!

With a casual chic style

The casual chic style refers to an elegant but unpretentious outfit. It's the kind of style that is displayed in a professional, but not formal, setting. With your turtleneck, you could wear well-cut pants or a quality chino, for example, with nice leather or suede shoes. A crisp jacket or coat worn over it will complete your ensemble. Check out our sport coat collections for inspiration!

Take a look at our sports jacket collections

With a rock look

Whether you're a casual rocker or a hardcore rocker, you'll pair your turtleneck with (you guessed it) a leather jacket or coat! The aviator or biker jacket, or the cult perfecto will give different styles. Black is a must, but other colors can give you a rebellious look, like dark gray, cognac, brown, navy or red. Just add iconic accessories such as leather bracelets, chains and black ankle boots for an irresistible rock look!

With a bohemian look

Men who embrace the bohemian style can, for example, wear a nice turtleneck with suspenders for a retro look, with a khaki or beige chino and a hat. The classic ingredients of this fashionable style are natural materials (e.g. wool, linen), loose-fitting cuts and accessories.

For a well thought-out bohemian outfit, you can multiply (without exaggerating) rings, necklaces and bracelets. For your jewelry, avoid gold and prefer aged silver, leather, stones and wooden beads.

With a sportswear look

Love the sporty look? A hoodie, toque or cap, quality sweatpants (or ankle-length chinos), sneakers and a well-chosen turtleneck will give you a sportswear look you'll want to wear on the street or in the gym!

Sneakers and a well selected turtleneck will give you a sportswear look


In men's fashion, the layering technique allows you to create various outfits, and totally stylish! Your turtleneck, if it's not too thick, can be used as an "under sweater" or "under cardigan", for example. This look worthy of an après-sk i is ideal for the coldest days.

Also, when it comes to layering, you can swap the sport shirt for a turtleneck in almost any circumstance. Put a light-colored one under a darker jacket, for example, to create a stylish contrast. For a casual look, wear your turtleneck with a denim or sheepskin jacket.

Turtleneck with a turned denim or sheepskin jacket

Wondering how to dress for a particular event? Check out our men's style guide! [insert link to dress guide]

What are the mistakes not to make?

A turtleneck with giant patterns or bright, eye-harming hues (including neon colors) should be avoided. For holiday parties, however, you can dare to use a slightly shimmery material. When it comes to textures and knitwear styles, you have more latitude. But remember that, as a general rule, moderation tastes better!

Another mistake you should not make is to choose an ultra-tight turtleneck sweater, thinking that it will make you look sexier or that it will end up stretching... The reality is that "second-skin" cuts do not forgive any flaws: love handles, pectoral muscles that are more or less firm - in short, you get the idea! A little stretch is necessary to make a good impression, and to avoid feeling tied up like a sausage!

Finally, in addition to paying attention to the length of the collar (which, remember, should cover three-quarters of your neck), be careful not to get a sweater that is too short: when you try it on, check how the garment reacts when you raise both arms. You can see your underwear elastic, or worse, your belly button, and even above it? Choose a longer model without hesitation!

Ask a men's fashion expert for advice

Now that you know more about how to wear a men's turtleneck, come and put your knowledge into practice by visiting an Ernest store! With the help of our experienced stylists - and the latest trends - you'll be able to create great outfits for any occasion with the right cut and color turtleneck. A wedding, a date, a dinner with relatives, an afternoon at the museum, a weekend at the cottage, a social event... with our advice, you'll look great wherever you go, boosting your confidence and earning compliments!

If for some reason you can't make it to the store, place your order online - in Canada, you get free shipping on a $100 purchase. The garment you ordered doesn't meet your expectations? We'll take it back at no charge.

Thank you for shopping at a local business and we look forward to meeting you!

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