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Boutique Jonathan

Boutique Jonathan | Boutique Jonathan
Boutique Jonathan | Boutique Jonathan


Since its establishment, Boutique Jonathan has been an integral part of the Ernest Group. The first Jonathan store opened its doors in 1974, laying the foundation for a successful collaboration. This partnership has allowed Boutique Jonathan to thrive over the years, increase its reputation, and continue to offer quality products to its male clientele. Thanks to this synergy with the Ernest Group, customers can now find all the items they love on the Ernest website while benefiting from free delivery to the nearest Jonathan store to their home.

Today, the Jonathan brand has six locations spread throughout the province of Quebec, offering a wide range of products to its male clientele, including suits, shirts, trousers, jeans, and much more!


Shop your favorite Jonathan clothing on Ernest website and get free delivery to your preferred Jonathan store.

6 Locations in the Province of Quebec