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Article: How to care for your leather jacket

Comment bien entretenir vos manteaux de cuir?

How to care for your leather jacket

A high-quality leather jacket can last a lifetime and will never go out of style. However, this natural material is vulnerable to moisture and heat. If you want to keep your leather jacket looking its best, follow these cleaning and care tips brought to you by the experts at Ernest. 

How often to clean it

How often you should clean your leather jacket depends on several factors. The first thing you should know, however, is that you must oil and waterproof your jacket once it’s clean. You should do this immediately after buying it. Whether your jacket is made of cowhide, buffalo hide or sheep hide, it’s important to use products that are suitable for the type of leather. Experts recommend waterproofing your leather jacket twice a year; do it once before you wear it for the season and once at the end. You should also remove stains or white marks as soon as they appear. Additionally, excess humidity can destroy the leather. Therefore, you should only wash your jacket when necessary.

Recommended cleaning products

You can remove dust and dirt from your leather jacket by using a small amount of warm, soapy water. However, if you want to clean and treat your entire jacket, we recommend using a specialized product for best results. If you can’t decode the care label on your jacket, ask an experienced salesperson at a leather retailer for help. They can tell you which cleaning products to use based on the type of leather your jacket’s made of and the colour of dye used in your jacket. If your jacket is dyed, make sure you don’t wear it in the rain. The colour could fade or bleed into your shirt.

How to remove stains

You must be careful when trying to remove stains from your leather jacket. Using a non-abrasive sponge, gently wipe the stained area with long, even strokes and only use a small amount of soapy water or cleaning product. However, don't rub the stain vigorously. This could make it worse. Once the stain is removed, carefully rinse the surface of the jacket, and soak up any excess water with a soft, clean cloth. If the stain is still visible despite your best efforts, consult an expert at a men’s clothing store for advice.

Furthermore, be careful when cleaning the lining of your leather jacket. Simply use a damp rag and a mild soap. Be careful not to soak the leather. Let your jacket dry at room temperature on a hanger. Keep it far away from direct heat sources like fireplaces and baseboard heaters.

Daily care products

You should always have a few high-quality care products on hand to treat your leather jacket. For example, we recommend having a cream cleaner, a degreasing soap, a nourishing cream, a waterproof spray, a microfibre cloth, a bristle brush and a stain removing powder at your disposal. Make sure to follow the package instructions for using these products.

What not to do

Leather requires special care to keep it from getting ruined. Therefore, here are a few things you should never do to a leather jacket.

  • Expose it to the sun. This will dry it out and make the material crack.
  • Hang it on a peg or hook. This could warp the material and create deep creases.
  • Store it in a plastic garment bag. Leather must be allowed to breathe.
  • Use shoe polish on it. This will clog the pores and leave behind a sticky residue.
  • Scrape stains with your fingernails or an abrasive sponge. This will leave permanent marks.
  • Use extreme heat to dry it. This will harden the leather.
  • Put it in the washer or dryer. This is a leather jacket death sentence.

How to store your leather jacket

As you already know, leather jackets don’t do well hen exposed to moisture and heat. Consequently, when you’re not wearing your jacket, store it in a cool, dry place like a closet or wardrobe. Make sure you hang it on a wide, thick hanger. This will prevent the jacket from bunching at the shoulders. If your leather jacket has unsightly creases, you can try to smooth them out by hanging the garment in your bathroom while you take a hot shower.

For more tips on how to care for your leather jacket, reach out to a member of our team.

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