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Article: How to dress for a business meeting

Comment s’habiller pour un rendez-vous professionnel?

How to dress for a business meeting

Do you need to attend a business lunch to meet with your clients or partners? Have you been invited to a corporate event like a convention, seminar or gala? If so, you’ll need to put together a suitable outfit with the right accessories. Fortunately, the men’s fashion experts at Ernest have compiled several formalwear ideas to help you look your best. Impress your colleagues with a tasteful and trendy ensemble inspired by our expert advice.


When attending a business meeting or conference, neutral and timeless colours are best. Typically, you should stay away from bright colours like yellow, orange and fuchsia. If you want to exude elegance, choose timeless hues like black, navy, white, beige and grey.

Plain fabrics are also a safe bet. However, classic and discreet prints like pinstripes are fine as long as the outfit looks balanced.


When it comes to accessories, don’t wear anything gaudy that could draw unwanted attention. Instead, keep accessories simple and understated. For example, wearing a classic leather belt is the perfect way to accentuate your waist. However, make sure it matches the colour of your shoes and bag. Do you typically wear jewellery? If so, you should choose timeless pieces that are made of gold or silver.

Do you already have an outfit picked out but need the right accessories to bring it up a notch? If so, talk to one of our stylists. We have a wide selection of items such as  ties, bow ties, pocket squares, suspenders, socks, bags, wallets, watches, scarves, hats and masks to complement your outfit.

The perfect shirt

A nice dress shirt can instantly transform your look from drab to fab. However, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The collar must be rigid
  • The shirt should be fitted, and not too loose nor too tight
  • The sleeves must start at the top of your shoulder
  • The cuffs must extend at least one centimetre past your jacket sleeves
  • The shirt must not be stained or wrinkled

Check out our collection of dress shirts and button-ups from top brands like Anthony of London, Fellows United, Campione, Orvieto, Au Noir and Marco Ferrera. If you’re constantly on the go, check out our selection of no-iron shirts.

A tie or pocket square

Depending on the dress code for your business event, you may not need to wear a tie. However, wearing one could help elevate your attire. Look for a tie in a contrasting colour like burgundy or dark green. 

Additionally, you may want to purchase a pocket square if you plan on wearing a shirt with an open collar.

We suggest purchasing a few different ties and pocket squares to vary your style.

How to find a suit that fits

Rule number one: wear a suit that fits. If you want to find a suit that’s comfortable and shows off your physique, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Your suit jacket shouldn’t bunch at the shoulders
  • The back of your suit jacket should end at the middle of your buttocks
  • You should be able to slip a finger between your shirt and your buttoned suit jacket
  • Leave the last button of your suit jacket open for a casual look
  • Choose a suit jacket that creates a star-shaped fold when buttoned
  • The seat of your dress pants should support your buttocks
  • There should be no excess fabric in the groin area
  • The folds and seams of your dress pants should be neat
  • The cuff of your dress pants should fall slightly over the front of your shoes
  • Your dress pants should fit properly

Don’t worry if you don’t immediately find a suit that fits. You can always have a one tailored to your precise measurements.

Men’s formalwear at Ernest

Studies show that wearing formal attire during a business meeting can improve your negotiating skills. Wearing a dark suit, a white shirt and leather dress shoes can increase your self-confidence and make you appear more distinguished. If you want to score a killer business deal, wear the right clothes to help ensure you’ll be successful.

To find a head-turning outfit, visit Ernest. Our stylists are well-versed in the latest men's fashion trends, and we can show you suits, dress shirts, shoes, bags, cufflinks, scarves and socks that will make you look your best. Before visiting us in-store, browse our Lookbook for inspiration. 

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