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Article: Men's outerwear for cold winter weather

Manteau gris en laine pour hommes. Ernest

Men's outerwear for cold winter weather

 In Quebec, it’s not uncommon for the weather to make you feel like you’re experiencing an entirely different season from one day to the next. Warm temperatures on Monday, snow on Wednesday and a thunderstorm on Saturday. Sounds familiar, right? That’s why it’s important to regularly check the forecast and make sure you have clothing for every type of weather. At Ernest boutiques, the modern man is sure to find all the pieces he needs to stay warm throughout the fall and winter. Are you looking for a new jacket? Here are a few suggestions we hope will inspire you!

1. Puffer jackets and vests

Ideal for the crisp days of early winter, puffer jackets and vests will give you an athletic or laid-back look. These pieces are perfect for creating stylish layered outfits (for example, overtop a simple turtleneck sweater or a quality T-shirt paired with a casual shirt). Plus, this type of outerwear is incredibly versatile. If you’re feeling warm, leave it open. If it gets cool later in the day, you can zip it up in a flash for extra warmth and comfort. 

2. Leather jackets

Do you have a leather jacket? According to our stylists at Ernest (and most other menswear experts), every man of good taste should have this classic outerwear essential in his wardrobe. For a timeless look, opt for one in black or tan. Are you someone who likes to stand out and take risks with your style? Then we suggest you sport a burgundy leather jacket this fall. Trust us, this neutral shade goes with just about everything. 

What’s more, shearling leather jackets are back. The aviator style in particular creates a cool, sophisticated look. This great model from Sly & Co made of Italian lambskin, for example, is the picture of modern fashion. When it comes to leather jackets, we recommend pairing them with well-cut jeans or chinos. 

3. Down or synthetic parkas

Are temperatures expected to plummet? If you need to spend time outside, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, bring out the big guns to avoid frostbite. What should be your weapon of choice? A waterproof down or synthetic parka with a hood to protect you from any and all precipitation, be it freezing rain, snow or hail. 

Do you want a coat that will keep you warm while still showing off your physique? Favour a slim-fit model that doesn’t restrict your movements. Nonetheless, on a bitter cold winter day, be sure to bundle up with boots and gloves as well, even to run a quick errand. After all, you lose most of your body heat through your extremities. 

4. Wool overcoats

Often considered the height of chic, wool overcoats can also be used to complete a more casual look. For example, you could wear it open over a sport jacket or dress shirt to make the right impression at a business meeting. 

Easily adapted to your day-to-day life, overcoats are a type of outerwear that provides varying degrees of warmth depending on the material.  The percentage of wool and polyester in a coat, among other things, can significantly affect its comfort level. When shopping for a new model, consider what activities you’ll wear it for and whether your body tends to run hot or cold. 

Comfort, style and warmth await!

Among our curated collections, we have every style of men’s outerwear you could want to ensure both elegance and comfort throughout the fall and winter. We’re willing to bet more than one will catch your eye. You’ll also find a wide variety of accessories (scarves, masks, etc.) to keep you looking good all day long. If you want to put together complete outfits that don’t compromise on quality, shop at Ernest: the stylish man’s favourite destination.

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