Men's fashion: how to show off your style in winter

Winter is without a doubt the season with the most dramatic fluctuations in temperature, and over the next few months, Quebecers are sure to experience both frigid and mild weather. That’s why it’s important to be flexible and know how to adapt your outfits to the forecast.

Are you someone who likes to always look your best? Do you want advice on how to be fashionable throughout the winter months? Ernest has everything you need to create seasonal looks that are flattering and on-trend. Here are a few suggestions from our stylists.

1. Mix things up with layers

If you want to be ready for any kind of weather, your best bet is to embrace wearing layers. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to master the art of layering. For example, slip on a sport jacket over a zip cardigan, making sure it fits comfortably over your favourite button down shirt. Alternatively, opt for a half-zip sweater over a T-shirt. If you need to go out, consider wearing a sleeveless puffer vest underneath a wool coat for extra warmth and a stylish-but-casual look. 

The main advantage of being an expert at co-ordinating layers is that you’ll stay warm while sporting a polished look. For personalized advice on how to pair pieces, speak with a member of our team.

wool topcoat jacket navy

Window pane sport jacket with zip cardigan navy

2. Make use of winter accessories

As you probably know, most your body’s heat is lost through your head, hands and feet. To ensure you’re ready to face low temperatures, bundle up with a variety of men’s winter accessories. In our stores, you’ll find hats, wool caps and comfortable tuques that you can pair with both your clothes and outerwear. 

For the finishing touch, don’t forget to select a matching scarf and a sleek pair of leather or wool gloves.

tuque beanie scarf

3. Wear the right boots

You might have plenty of shoes, but you’ll need quality boots to keep your toes warm this winter. Fortunately, we have many stylish options.

At our boutiques, you’ll find a selection of single- and double-lined leather boots to perfectly complement your outfits this winter. To protect their finish and keep them waterproof, stock up on Walter’s shoe care products such as protector spray and leather conditioner. While you’re at it, consider picking up a few pairs of socks. They’re available in a variety of fun patterns such as flamingo print, polka dot, striped and more.

Stacy Adams boots

4. Favour warm fabrics

Wrap yourself in comfort this season with warm materials like wool, cotton, velvet and merino. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re as cosy as possible:

  • Swap your classic cotton V-neck for a merino sweater
  • Forgo the crisp button-down in favour of a flannel shirt
  • Replace your chinos with wool-blend pants on cold days (your choice of colour is limited, but the added comfort is worth it) 

turtle neck navy with Burgundy stripe

navy cardigan with buttons

5. Take care of your clothes

At Ernest, we believe a polished look only works if your clothes and accessories are immaculate. Make no mistake, stains and dirt are the first things people will notice about your outfit, even if you’re wearing high-end brands.

If you want to turn heads for the right reason, we highly recommend that you wipe down your wool coat with a damp cloth to remove any sign of dirt or salt stains. Also, make sure to go over the rest of your clothing with a roller to get rid of lint and stray hairs.

Additionally, get into the habit of cleaning and applying a protective product to your footwear on a regular basis. 

Some of the quality brands we’re proud to offer include Orvieto, Anthony of London, Au Noir, Jack Victor, Gottmann, Sly & Co, Pajar and Inuksuk. Come discover which ones suit your style.

Do you need quality winter clothes and accessories?

Have you taken stock of what’s in your drawers, cupboards and closet only to find that you need warm, stylish clothes for the winter season? It’s not too late to stock up! Shop online or visit one of our boutiques to find stunning pieces that’ll make you look forward to the frosty days ahead.

At Ernest, we dress you from head to toe. From dress shirts, sport jackets, boots and winter accessories to wool, leather and puffer jackets, we have everything you need to stay stylish but warm throughout the season. For more inspiration, check out our Fall-Winter Lookbook.

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