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Article: Men’s outfit ideas for your next Tinder date

Quelle tenue un homme devrait-il porter pour une date Tinder?

Men’s outfit ideas for your next Tinder date

Did you recently meet someone interesting on a dating app or website like Tinder, EliteSingles, Zoosk, Badoo, Cupid, GoSeeYou or Bumble? Have you arranged to go on a first date? If so, you’ll probably want to choose your outfit carefully to make a good impression. To help you, the team at Ernest has put together tips and recommendations about what to wear on a first date.

Keep it real

Most first dates that are set up through an app like Tinder are informal. The first time you meet should feel natural, even if you’ve only interacted virtually. Therefore, it’s important to stay true to your style when meeting someone in person for the first time. Try to remain as faithful as possible to the person in your profile pictures. In other words, don’t choose an outfit you rarely wear. Doing so won’t represent who you are nor how you regularly dress. Instead, opt for an outfit you like and not one you reserve for special occasions.

Choosing the right fit

Now that you know you need to choose clothes that reflect your style, we want to remind you they should be the right size. For example, don’t wear a bulky sweater that’s overly loose. A well-cut button-up or fitted polo shirt will be more flattering.

Even if you’ll be sitting at a dinner table for your first date, pay special attention to the fit of your pants. After all, you'll have to get up to greet your date, go to the bathroom and pay the bill. Therefore, make sure your jeans, shorts, chinos or dress pants aren’t too tight and are the right length. Both stretchy and baggy pants can be unattractive.

Be clean and neat

You want to give your date a good idea of what you wear daily. For example, if you regularly wear a suit for work, you don’t have to feel shy about wearing one on your first date.

However, if you rarely wear suits, sporting one on your first date could feel a little awkward and disingenuous. The keyword to remember is authenticity. Just keep in mind that no matter what you choose to wear, it should be fresh, clean and in good condition.

Outfit recommendations

If you need inspiration for your first-date outfit, here are a few suggestions from our stylists:

  • Dark, well-cut dark jeans with a plain V-neck T-shirt and cardigan
  • Chinos in a muted colour with a patterned button-up shirt
  • Dress pants with a smart polo shirt and blazer
  • A neutral suit with a white shirt and nice watch

If you want to create a casual, stylish and perfectly co-ordinated ensemble, you must follow certain rules. Fortunately, the fashion experts at Ernest can offer personalized advice. Don't be shy about asking for help. We love finding the perfect pieces to make our customers feel confident.

Don’t neglect your shoes

A nice pair of shoes will pull together your entire look. Your date will likely look at your footwear at some point during the evening. You can often tell a lot about a person from the state of their shoes. Are they scuffed and dirty or are they clean and well kept? Think about what your shoes say about you.

If your shoes have seen better days, you can try to restore them with shoe polish or by replacing the laces. If your shoes need to be replaced, however, you can visit Ernest and check out our selection of men's footwear in a variety of colours and styles. We have loafers, walkers, Oxfords and more from top brands like Florsheim, Stacy Adams and Geox. Don’t forget to pick out a great pair of socks to match your shoes or pants.

Some friendly advice: be courteous

On a first date, being well-dressed isn’t enough to make a good impression. You also have to be polite, show interest in your date’s personality and use the right amount of humour. Your body language is also important. Pay attention to your posture and smile, leave your phone and keys in your bag and look your date in the eyes when they speak to you. Show them that you’re interested, invested and present.

If the chemistry isn’t there on your first date, don’t worry. Simply be sincere and explain that you didn’t feel a spark while kindly wishing the person good luck. Above all, don’t ditch your date by pretending you have an emergency. This is rude and could damage your reputation with other singles in the area.

Find the perfect outfit for your date at Ernest

At Ernest, we’ve got clothing and accessories for men of all ages and outfits for a variety of occasions, including work, weekends at the cottage, vacations, travel, outings with friends, family dinners, weddings, proms and, of course, dates. Check out our selection in store or online.

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