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Our Values


Designer jackets, casual knits, quality leathers, sharp accessories - our signature collection is as extensive in our 60 years of experience. 

Exciting suiting trends, European-inspired, spin a new story every season. Timeless looks take strides with modern textures and bold patterns. We keep our ear to the ground so you can stay looking fresh from head to toe. 

At Ernest, we invite you to be your own man. We don't define ourselves by a single look but rather, a calculated, versatile approach to menswear; one that's accessible to all generations and lifestyles.


Our menswear is made for living. The quality of our cuts, materials and prints maximises comfort and resilience. After all, when you feel good, you look good. 

Cross-season pieces are staples in our collection, ensuring your wardrobe get lots of mileage. By committing to timeless, functional, durable garments, we help quash overconsumption and keep you stylish for years. 


Sure, our wide range of designer styles helps you to set your own course. But when it comes to personalizing your suiting experience, it's not just the breadth of our collection that matters. We get to know our clients on a human-to-human basis. 

Fashion is a journey. And as your tastes and lifestyle evolve, so too does our team. Menswear stylists and onsite tailoring services are with you from day-one to sow the seeds of self-expression. 


Since Ernest Iarrera launched his menswear boutique in 1958, the namesake company has remained a family endeavour. Today, it's 37 stores are operated by Ernest's children Mark and Carolyn. Beyond the head office, the family extends to the company's 300 employees.

Ernest's family first work environment fosters not only professional growth but also personal fulfillment. Flexible hours ensure everyone has time to spend with their loved ones. In fact, the company is proud to see fathers, sons, mother and daughters working side by side in all departments. Ernest is, and continues to be, a multigenerational brand in every sense of the word.