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Article: Grad 101: 8 golden rules for finding the perfect suit

Bal graduation / finissants: trouver le complet idéal , 8 règles d'or
bal de finissant

Grad 101: 8 golden rules for finding the perfect suit

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Your prom is fast approaching, and you still haven't chosen your outfit for this special evening? In this article, you will find some basic tips that will surely inspire you!

1: Trends and cuts

As fashion evolves from season to season, trends have changed even for proms. In recent years, suits are worn closer to the body. If you have never worn this type of clothing, you may find it a bit uncomfortable at first. However, know that fabrics are now more stretchable to allow you to be comfortable in your movements. Ideal if you want to dance for hours!

Prom / Graduates

2: Black suit, a timeless classic

If you are less attracted to colors or if you prefer a more discreet and chic look, the black suit is your best solution. Complete it with a white or light gray shirt with a tie or a simple bow tie, not forgetting a pocket square in the jacket pocket. You'll achieve an effortless James Bond look. Nothing prevents you from wearing the jacket alone with a casual t-shirt and jeans for future occasions like graduation ceremonies.

Black suit

3: The right size of suit and dress shirt

There are several price ranges in suits, but if it's not the right size, it can quickly look like it was borrowed from your father or uncle. It is important to choose a model suitable for young men and their silhouette.

Remember that the shirt should be worn inside your pants. It should also be close to your body and not create a bulge of fabric around your waist. To know if its collar is well adjusted, make sure there is about a finger's space between your neck and it. The plain shirt is versatile, but there are so many choices now that you might be tempted by a subtle micro pattern or even something very flashy.

4: Adjustments to the jacket and pants

Don't worry if the suit that caught your eye is not perfect on you at the first fitting. Indeed, it is not uncommon to need some alterations to fit it to your morphology. A tailor can adjust the sleeve length of the jacket, taper the back if necessary, work on the waist or the crotch of the pants, shorten the hems, etc.


Nowadays, the sleeve of a man's jacket is worn shorter at the wrist bone to slightly reveal the shirt sleeve by about 1/4 inch. This also allows a nice watch or bracelet on your wrist to be seen.

Your pants, on the other hand, should rest just above your shoe. It will form a crease (break) on it for a classic length. If you want to follow the trend, the bottom of your pants will reach your ankle so that your original socks can be seen. Depending on the type of shoe you wear, you might even go sockless!

5: Opt for the two-button suit

The standard is to opt for a suit whose jacket has two buttons. Trust our experience: it's what stands the test of time best! That said, you might find double-breasted jackets and three-button models during your shopping. However, know that this is a bolder and less timeless style.

Two-button suit

Two-button suit

6: The right accessories: Bow tie, tie, and pocket square

No matter the choice of suit and shirt, what will differentiate you from other graduates are your accessories. A bow tie with fun patterns, a glossy solid tie, a floral pocket square, elegant cufflinks... it's time to have fun and choose combinations that reflect your personality. The pocket square no longer needs to match your bow or tie. Professionals can guide you in your choices, but you have the final say.


The right accessories

7: The belt is matched to the shoes

Good news: this year, the choice of shoe is not limited to classic dress shoes. More sporty models (including the popular Converse) can be considered. It shows that it's possible to have style without compromising your comfort! Still, don't forget to match your shoes with an appropriate belt. Since you will be wearing your shirt tucked into your pants, you will need to choose a nice belt that fits. Beware, do not look for the cognac belt that will be the identical cognac of your shoe. Natural leathers can vary slightly in shade. Just stay in the same tones. Want to go to the prom in sneakers? Just choose a more sporty stretch belt and you're all set.

The belt

8: Create beautiful memories: Accompanied or not

There was a time when the prom was the occasion to ask your "crush" to accompany you to this special evening. You had to make sure that the person had a small reminder of color or accessories to create the perfect "match" for the official photos. Today, you can go alone, with friends, or accompanied by the person you love.

No matter what your outfit looks like, the important thing is to be yourself. Your graduation ball is a beautiful moment, a culmination, an achievement! Be proud, smile, and fully enjoy the fruits of your efforts. After all, you will only live this moment once.

Have a great prom!

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