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Article: Men's Spring-Summer Clothing : 2024 Trends

Les vêtements printemps-été pour hommes : les tendances 2024

Men's Spring-Summer Clothing : 2024 Trends

In 2023, men's summer wardrobe highlighted overshirts, jeans in all forms, intense and pastel colours, biker look, and multicoloured patterns. In 2024, some popular elegant styles from last year persist — much to our delight ! — while others, equally inspiring, make their debut. In this article, you'll discover some of the trends to adopt this spring and summer, including the "Quiet Luxury" trend, essential colours (including classic beige and punchy colours like cobalt), retro patterns with names that will make you smile, and tips on how to wear your stylish accessories. Happy reading !


The "Quiet Luxury" fashion trend opposes ostentation and emphasizes discreet refinement. Minimalist and timeless, this trend notably favours quality, authenticity, and durability. This style, currently revolutionizing the luxury universe, is characterized by simple and clean cuts, noble materials (leather, linen, cashmere), and neutral colours.

For lovers of elegance, caramel and gray colours are must-haves. Subtle and timeless, the "Quiet Luxury" trend is undoubtedly your ideal ally for conveying a sense of calm and confidence in all circumstances. Got a professional meeting scheduled ? This style is one to prioritize !

With this trend where discretion is critical, goodbye to excessive "logomania," extravagant designs, and cluttered layering. In short, high-end men's fashion returns to a less flashy elegance.

There's a lot of beige in sight for 2024 ! Whether on suede or smooth leather, it is both soft and soothing. Thus, beige is a safe choice, emerging as the flagship colour of the season. From very light shades to warmer variations, it evokes relaxed elegance, promises comfort, and embodies the simplicity of minimalism.
So, opt for this colour without hesitation. Its neutrality blends well with the primary colours of chinos or the pastel palette of linen garments.

To vary your outfits inspired by the "Quiet Luxury" trend, consider cream white, pale gray, olive green, yellow, blue, and, for the evening, timeless black.

Furthermore, you'll notice bright, pastel, or metallic blue shades that inject vitality and optimism into your discreetly luxurious summer looks. One of the season's trending colours is cobalt, a deep blue with a mysterious charm that has been seen on practically every runway announcing the trends of 2024.


Is discreet, neutral, and all-purpose style not your thing? No worries! For those who want to dare and stand out this summer, you'll be happy to see that casual clothing is more colourful.

Vibrant pink, bright red, dazzling orange, luminous yellow, vivid green... proudly display your favourite colours at the beach, on terraces, by the pool, etc.!

You'll also find fluorescent versions of green, orange, and red, ideal for never going unnoticed during outdoor outings and activities !


Khaki is a military-origin colour currently very much in vogue. It will also be next winter, so investing in this hue is even wiser. This resolutely masculine colour is probably influenced by the war in Ukraine and the outfits worn by its courageous president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Orange and its variations are a must this summer whether you love or hate it. If you haven't already, know it's high time to include it in your wardrobe in 2024 ! Choose a nice T-shirt, a short-sleeved shirt, or a polo with orange accents and pair them with the Bermuda shorts or shorts of your choice for a fresh and vibrant style on sunny days!


Looking for an effortless outfit for a beach outing or a music festival? Retro-style patterned shirts with solid pants or Bermuda shorts will appeal to men who like to stand out without taking themselves too seriously.

The "Coconut Girl" inspired patterns feature hibiscus, an exotic flower evoking paradisiacal islands. Perfect for a barbecue, an afternoon on the sand, or a pool party with friends !

Meanwhile, the "Jungle Fever" trend celebrates exotic plants taking their space. Go ahead, let your inner Tarzan express itself !


Vertical stripes are a sure symbol of timeless chic and are coming back in men's wardrobes in 2024. Lengthening the silhouette, stripes evoke vacation vibes while being suitable for creating a professional outfit. They have everything going for them !

This summer, don't hesitate to opt for a versatile striped sports shirt to wear alone or with a sports jacket or leather jacket. A white shirt with navy blue vertical stripes is a winning summer look choice !


Need new shoes ? You must remember that from ebony tones to mahogany hues, brown and its natural variations are the true allies of chic and casual looks. With a navy blue suit or a sports jacket, brown shoes easily match all the colours in your wardrobe.

Sporty elegance with dressed sneakers is still famous because they are versatile and comfortable. At Ernest, we applaud the perpetuation of this style every year !

Remember that classic shoes and sports models should be clean and well-maintained to avoid spoiling your outfit. Also, choose your socks carefully, especially if you wear shorts, Bermuda shorts, or capris !


By focusing on "smart casual" style — or sporty elegance —you opt for a relaxed style ! The casual blazer pairs well with a polo and chinos or straight-leg jeans.

Another element of the chic sporty trend : "racing" leather jackets or biker-inspired looks. In 2024, we embrace chic biker style with shades of brown or, if you like to break the mould, we dare to go for colour, for example, with our green leather model. It is easy to match and allows you to create an ensemble that will turn heads !


Symbols of renewal and youth, pastel shades (mauve, yellow, blue, green...), which were very popular in 2023, are still present in 2024. However, they are found more in basic garments like T-shirts, polos, and sweaters than in suits, jackets, and dress pants.

Use pastel accents for an elegant ensemble or to soften a more striking jacket. Check out our new colours of basic round-neck T-shirts from Anthony of London to inspire you !


From one season to the next, accessories undergo a particular form of evolution in their design and how they are worn. Here's what to remember about the essential fashion accessories in 2024.


This year, ties are becoming less and less common. However, they are still worn and carefully selected for special occasions (weddings, proms, funerals, galas, etc.) or to achieve a certain deliberate look.


These accessories are making a strong comeback and are used as true jewelry. That said, they are not used with the double cuff of the tuxedo shirt but rather with classic dress shirts. It's good to know that the cuffs of our Anthony of London non-iron shirts are convertible for cufflinks.


In 2024, luxurious watches occasionally replace smartwatches (which many men can't live without!) to look stylish during outings or simply to avoid unnecessarily diverting attention.


Finally, bracelets complete sporty and chic ensembles, showing that your look has been carefully considered down to the most minor details.


Want to fill your wardrobe with clothes (including swimsuits) and accessories to be at the top of men's fashion trends in 2024 ? Shop at Ernest !

For more advice, visit our store to meet our experts : they'll be happy to provide personalized recommendations based on your body type, style preferences, and budget !

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