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Article: Casual weekend wear: what's the best way to dress?

Tenue décontractée pour le week-end

Casual weekend wear: what's the best way to dress?

The weekend is the perfect time to go out and enjoy good moments after a successful workweek. If you have planned outings (walks, weddings, parties, etc.), you'll need to choose appropriate clothing. Many fashion enthusiasts opt for casual attire to maintain style without sacrificing comfort. Discover our tips for choosing casual outfits to elevate your weekend and make a good impression everywhere.

Be Stylish While Staying Casual for the Weekend

The outfit for weekend outings should be carefully selected. While the suit and tie are often favored in a professional setting, the rules change on weekends. It's time to take some liberties and treat yourself. On weekends, you should dress stylishly while staying casual. Knowing the dress code helps you choose the outfit and adapt your look to blend in. You don't wear the same clothes for a walk or for playing golf on the weekend, for example.

Even though some think it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed, we believe you have the opportunity to balance your look. That's what casual style offers, increasingly becoming a staple in men's dress codes. It's not synonymous with negligence.

The goal of the casual chic look is to dress tastefully and stylishly while being comfortable in your movements. Casual style is the perfect compromise between elegance and comfort, helping you subtly stand out. Accessories (sneakers, belts, socks, etc.) are coordinated with the t-shirt, sweater, and pants to create a balance that guarantees both comfort and elegance. At Ernest, you have access to a wide range of casual men's outfits to dress well for any occasion.

Casual Style for the Weekend

Dress Casually for Golf

Decided to hit the golf course to make the most of your weekend? Choosing the right outfit is crucial. In this sport, a player's appearance is given special attention. Golf places great importance on the beauty of the attire and overall look, as evidenced by the evolution of its dress code over time. Your outfit is regulated. Jeans and t-shirts are not allowed. However, this doesn't stop you from being stylish while playing the sport.

Casual style allows you to move freely while looking elegant. Traditionally, a men's polo, trousers or shorts, a belt, a cap, and appropriate shoes make up the essentials to adhere to the golf dress code. However, you have the option to create a more relaxed combination depending on the season.

Add a sweater made of performance material to your polo or t-shirt for cooler weather. In the summer, opt for lighter clothing to optimize thermal comfort. To adopt a casual style, make sure to choose the right fit for your outfit. The shirt or polo should not be too loose, facilitating a wide range of movements.

Opt for chino pants to be relaxed, elegant, and trendy at the same time. Choose sneakers with simple designs that offer good grip. A hat or cap enhances your style while optimizing your comfort. Choose colors that match your taste, but avoid overly bright tones. Aim for balance.

Choose a Cool Outfit for a Night Out with Friends

A weekend outing with friends is a special time to unwind. If you plan to attend an event with your friends, casual attire is suitable for these occasions. It allows you to dress chic and simple. You won't fail to impress your friends if you manage to find the right combination to work on your style without sacrificing comfort.

For a night out with friends at a city bar, for example, choose a white shirt as your top. You can opt for a soft and warm color, or go for floral, patterned, checkered, or striped designs for added style. To give your outfit a more relaxed look, pair the shirt with a t-shirt and leave it open.

Wear your long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt with pants that harmonize in cut and color with the top. Opt for classic dark blue or black jeans for a chic casual look. This offers the advantage of being versatile and suitable for various top styles. Men's slim chino pants or jeans provide more comfort and give a relaxed yet elegant look.

Complete your outfit with a sweater or a large-collared coat made of linen or leather for cooler weather. If you opt for a jacket, go for a denim one to stay trendy. A sleeveless jacket can also be added to a men's casual outfit for a night out with friends. For shoes, opt for attractive canvas loafers. You can add accessories like a watch or bracelet to enhance the elegance of your outfit.

Cool Outfit for a Night Out with Friends

Wear Casual Attire for Grocery Shopping

You want to make the most of your weekend by stocking up on missing kitchen items. You've decided to head to the market for this. Having style isn't just limited to the professional setting or social outings with friends. It's also about adapting your style to everyday situations to always look good.

The market is a bustling place. The casual look codes are suitable for this kind of environment. For shopping at the market, we recommend choosing relaxed clothing. Your outfit should not restrict your movements as you move from one shop to another.

Opt for a basic outfit: a casual slim jean or chino in cotton paired with a white t-shirt is enough to display style and simplicity. These items are available in our men's clothing store. Your sneakers should be lightweight for comfort. Depending on the season, add a sweater to enhance the comfort of your casual outfit. Choose a stylish crossbody bag to free up your hands.

Choose Casual Clothes for an Autumn Stroll

Walking is one of the common weekend activities. For Quebecers, a stroll in the Mont-Tremblant ski resort or in Saint-Sauveur is a pleasurable moment to admire the fall colors and unwind from the workweek stress. Whether alone, as a couple, or with other men, you need to choose your look carefully to fully enjoy this outing.

Like an outfit for a professional meeting or for business, you must carefully select clothes for city strolls. You don't wear a full suit or a blazer with leather shoes for hiking trails. You need to feel comfortable while moving.

Choose a long-sleeved shirt with a pattern, in white cotton. Pair it with black or blue chino pants. Add a stylish hat or cap and well-designed sunglasses. You can replace the shirt with a printed t-shirt. Opt for breathable material sneakers to make walking easier.

At Ernest, you'll find everything you need to adopt an elegant and comfortable style. We offer quality and fashionable casual men's outfits to allow you to dress tastefully.

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