Christmas Gift Guide for Men

Christmas is getting closer every day, and the holidays mean gifts. You still don't know what to buy for a man you particularly appreciate? Whether it's to spoil your father, your brother, your brother-in-law, your spouse, your friend, your cousin or your favorite colleague, Ernest presents here a selection of gift ideas for all tastes and all wallets. Follow the guide!

A first advice: set a budget

To guide your search for the perfect gift for a man who deserves the best, have a dollar amount in mind while still allowing yourself some latitude. In other words, setting a price range for your purchase will help you focus your online or in-store search and cast a wider net in your search. For example, you could aim for $50-$100, $150-$250 or $500-$750. Remember that no matter what your budget, there are ways to find an original gift!

That said, don't be too rigid: if you find THE perfect gift in every way, but it exceeds your maximum budget by just a few dozen dollars, it would be absurd to give it up. If you do, just tell yourself that you'll be a little more "reasonable" next time!

A gift according to his personality

Let's face it: giving a random gift bought at the last minute to a man you care about is a bit sad, isn't it? For Christmas, it's much better to do your research and find a gift that's just for him (in other words, it's obvious it wasn't meant for someone else)! Good news: if you're reading this article, you're on the right track!

Is the man you want to spoil this year "hip" to new technologies? Cultured? Sporty? A tinkerer? Gamer? A cook (or foodie, if you prefer)? Eco-friendly? Romantic? Adventurer? Epicurean? Intellectual? Gardening enthusiast? Collector? Animal lover? Music lover?

Consider his preferences, values and lifestyle to find a gift that best suits his personality. Not only will they notice, but they will definitely appreciate it. And on your end, you can say "mission accomplished"!

A package for an activity

Offering a package for a relaxing or thrilling activity is a good way to stand out at the gift exchange! Skydiving, a massage in a spa, driving a race car, deep-sea fishing, learning about native traditions, sleeping in a tree house, tasting microbrewery beers, going zip-lining, playing 18 holes on a superb course, trying Flyboarding... in a few clicks, you will find 1001 experiences to do in the 4 corners of Quebec!

A package to try the Flyboard

Visit Go ForfaitsForfaits Québec or La Forfaiterie for inspiration. You have no idea how many possibilities are available to you!

A box so that he can take care of himself

Companies offering products designed to pamper men from head to toe are now legion! Find a skin or beard kit, for example, by visiting the online boutiques of Quebec or Canadian brands (e.g. CW Beggs and Sons and Groom) or create your own gift basket with excellent local products by visiting your local pharmacy!

A clothing accessory

Receiving a beautiful accessory when you are a man of taste is always a pleasure! Are you hesitating between several options and afraid of making a style mistake when shopping for a watch or bracelet? To avoid awkward gift exchange situations like "Oh, thanks for the gold watch, but I only wear cash", give him a traditional or virtual Ernest gift card from $25 to $1000.

A clothing accessory

For a more personalized experience, accompany your man on his shopping trip, either online or in-store, and go out for a coffee or hot chocolate together to extend this special moment!

A culinary experience

Whether your man to pamper is a gourmet or a foodie, there is no shortage of ways to delight his taste buds. Depending on your budget, you could :

  • Have him discover a gourmet restaurant (rated 5 stars!) for a multi-course dinner;
  • Enroll him in a workshop to learn how to prepare chocolates, pastries, fresh pasta, etc;
  • Plan a rally of the most famous restaurants in a given region;
  • Invite a chef to your home for a themed evening (sushi, tapas, etc.);
  • Order a meal preparation box (e.g. Cook it or Marché Goodfood) and cook a great dinner with him/her - why not sip a glass of wine?

A culinary experience

A bottle of his favorite alcohol

Quebec is full of producers of spirits, wines, ciders, beers and more! Christmas is the perfect opportunity to introduce your man to one or more of our excellent products in his favorite alcoholic beverage category. The SAQ, specialized stores (e.g.: Tite Frette boutiques) and public markets, among others, will give you an embarrassment of riches, guaranteed!

A bottle of his favorite alcohol

Doesn't drink alcohol, or prefers drinks that contain very little? Don't worry about it! You can introduce him to tasty mocktails or light cocktails. The festive Quebec website Alternalcool offers over 150 recipes concocted by renowned mixologists. Get ready to concoct some spectacular and colorful nectars worthy of being photographed... Who knows, he might even want to proudly post pictures of his liquid creations on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram during his vacation break? All thanks to you (and our friendly advice!), too!

An accessory to practice your favorite sport

To make an active man's eyes sparkle, give him something that will enhance his experience or performance in sports: a backpack, field hockey stick, badminton racket, golf glove, boxing bag, weights, etc. You can also give him an "accessory for an accessory" such as a fun golf club cover, a special case to showcase a collectible or a holder for his lucky racket.

Visit your local sports and outdoor stores to find the accessory that will make him jump for joy this Christmas!

An accessory for his phone

There are several accessories that can be used with a cell phone that your man might like, especially if he never leaves his precious device behind: a pocket tripod for your cell phone, a tripod for making professional videos, a selfie pole, wireless headphones, a car adapter or a stylish case (those from the Quebec company KaseMe are particularly beautiful and original!)

Pocket Tripod - tripod de poche pour votre téléphone

A man's sport jacket

Enhance your man's look in a flash with a great jacket to wear over a quality shirt, turtleneck or t-shirt for work or play. Ernest offers stylish sport jackets and chic casual jackets in a variety of cuts, colors, patterns and prices from top brands like Anthony of London, Au Noir, Horst and Jack Victor . Discover our collections today by visiting our online store and choose your favorite!

A man's sport jacket

A cap, scarf or a nice toque for the winter

Make sure your man's outdoor outings or trips during the cold season are as comfortable as they are stylish with a winter accessory! Depending on his style (bohemian or rock, for example), opt for a scarf, a hat (cap or toque) or gloves. He'll look great no matter how high the temperature is!

A nice toque for the winter

A winter scarf

The latest gadget in fashion

Is your man an avid fan of video games or new technologies? The latest game everyone's talking about or a connected watch (they come in all price categories), for example, are winning ideas to make him happy. Discover the elegant Nora Watch: not only is it affordable, it's also from Quebec!

If he already has a connected watch and your budget is limited, surprise him with a new, trendy bracelet (check out the ones from Canadian company Pandaco for inspiration) that will give a new look to that gadget that's always attached to his wrist!

A ticket to the show of your favorite artist

Try to find out which artists are favorites of the man you want to give a gift to - look at the pages he subscribes to on social networks, for example - and give him a ticket (or a pair of tickets) to a show he can attend with you or his friends, as appropriate.

Humour, slam, song, instrumental music, theater, dance, circus, storytelling: Quebec's performance venues offer a wide range of disciplines. Ask about it, because some establishments offer advantageous discounts if you buy tickets for several shows - enough to make your Christmas gift last all year long!

A gadget for his car

Driving enthusiasts are always happy to optimize their comfort on their daily commute or road trips. From cell phone holders, heated steering wheel or seat covers, to folding trunk organizers, you're sure to find the perfect gift for your favorite motorist at a store near you!

Stylish underwear

If the man you're giving this gift to is (very) close to you, why not give him some stylish "bobbies" - luxurious underwear that he might not normally buy? At Ernest, we carry quality boxers from SAXX and Anthony of London. From neutral to quirky colors and patterns, we dare you not to find a style he likes!

A reference book

Does the man you love love to learn more about specific subjects? You can't go wrong by giving him a specialized book. Is he a sports and history buff? This book on the 100 greatest sportsmen of all time should fascinate him for hours! He loves beautiful sports cars or vintage cars? This book on the most beautiful cars of all time will satisfy the "car guy" in him!

A personalized t-shirt

Several Quebec companies such as Poche & FilsCustom Buzz or Madjx Tee La P’tite Shop offer you the possibility to personalize clothing or fashion accessories. Surprise your man with a t-shirt displaying an expression that inspires him (or makes him laugh!) and associate it with an image representing his greatest passion (tennis, cinema, travel, etc.), for example.

A course on wines and spirits

Does he like quality wines or strong spirits? The SAQ offers courses that allow you to master the vocabulary of wines and spirits and to learn how to taste them according to the rules of the art. Find out if there are workshops near your man's home and sign him up!

A getaway

Do you want to give a gift that will make them say a huge "Wow! If you know that he or she dreams of visiting a particular city (e.g., New York, Paris, London), province (e.g., British Columbia or Newfoundland) or country (e.g., Portugal, Peru or New Zealand) and you have a generous budget, give them a short getaway or a long trip by train, plane or boat - not to mention accommodations of course!

A getaway

An addition to his wardrobe

At Ernest, our experienced stylists are full of ideas for classic and edgy looks for men of all ages and shapes. Want to revamp a loved one's wardrobe to look as stylish as these 15 public figures?

Before Christmas, visit one of our stores and you'll find dressy suits for special occasions, white or colored t-shirts, stylish pants and shirts, sportswear or casual wear, and more. With new outfits worthy of the icons of men's fashion, we bet he'll be turning heads all over the place.

Enjoy your shopping, and we look forward to seeing you soon in one of our stores!

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