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Article: Fashionable men's haircuts in 2022-2023

Coupes de cheveux pour homme à la mode en 2022-2023

Fashionable men's haircuts in 2022-2023

The modern man takes care of himself, including his haircut and facial hair. Across Canada, barber shops are more fashionable than ever. These trendy places offer a pleasant experience to their customers, so that an appointment becomes a moment of relaxation in a busy schedule. Want to upgrade your hair and clothing to express your personality? Read on!

Who is Maison Privée?

Always on the lookout for men's fashion trends, Ernest is proud to collaborate with Maison Privée, a reference in men's hair in Quebec.

In a video shot by Ernest, owner Leandro Vergara describes the company as follows: "Maison Privée is a chain of barber shops: we have them on the South Shore and in Montreal. It was established in 2015, by me and my former partner. We are now a big team, we cut a lot of hair, we stay on top of trends as much as possible to make sure all customers are satisfied, that they stay beautiful, clean, confident and happy when they go out!"

Combining culture and music as well as an unmatched passion for all things related to a successful salon experience, Maison Privée is much more than the usual "spot" for its clients. As an international reference in the barber industry, the chain offers a unique and upscale environment to clients of all ages. Here's an overview of its services:

  • Haircuts
  • Beard trimming
  • Hair or beard contouring
  • Old-fashioned blade shave (with hot towel)

Maison Privée's barbers are the holders of several local and international awards and they remain in constant evolution through their men's barber school. In practicing their art on a daily basis, they make it a point of honor to work with respect to the image and preferences of each individual.

Long hair

Associated with the hippie movement and non-conformism, long hair is very popular. However, it is important to know that making the transition from a short cut to long hair is not done by shouting "scissors"!

Matthieu, a one-day model for Ernest, explained to his barber that he wanted to let his hair grow longer and keep a beard. Guillaume Patenaude, who has worked at Maison Privée since November 2016, recommends this game plan for a client in this transitional situation: "We just do a clean up all around the hair, we'll do the tip, we'll put some texture, we'll thin it out a bit, and since we're doing the whole beard with the blade, we'll do a little gradient towards the ear contour."

Beard trimming

In short, even if the goal is to have long hair, regular guidance from a professional is in order for the growth period to be aesthetic.

The Beatles cut

The Beatles are still influential, and have been for over 60 years! While modern men are embracing the iconic Fab Four haircut, they're making sure to adapt it to the times. And unlike decades past, the Beatles cut is a good choice for men with naturally curly hair. Slightly longer than the original cut, the current version retains its round shape, but without the sideburns. This haircut is mainly suitable for men with a square or rectangular face: it is not recommended for oval faces.

The mullet haircut

Many believed that the haircut nicknamed "Longueuil cut" in the Belle Province was an outdated hair style... No way! In fact, thanks to a worldwide resurgence in popularity for the 70's and 80's in the world of music, fashion and television series (e.g. Stranger Things), this haircut is very much in vogue in 2022-2023!

That said, although the long neck is gaining more and more followers, they are now adopting it in a modernized version. Thus, the contemporary mullet is often associated with an American gradient: the difference in length between the front and the back is therefore less marked. Some more daring men will still dare the 100% retro cut with very long hair in the back: the important thing is to assume it! More fluid, more structured and squarer than the original cut, the mullet can be straightened backwards or sculpted on top of the head.

Generally speaking, this style is best suited for men with a fairly rounded face, as it tends to elongate the face. However, an experienced barber - like those at Maison Privée - is able to adapt it to the client's facial morphology.

The buzz cut

This very short haircut draws its influences from streetwear. To wear it with panache, you have to be disciplined and visit your barber shop regularly. For the more daring, it is possible to create patterns on the head or add colors.

Very versatile, this men's haircut is ideal for spring and summer and can suit many face shapes. The length of the hair must simply be adapted to the morphology of the head.

The undercut

This haircut, which originated in the 1920s and became a cult favorite thanks to singer David Bowie, is still short on the sides, but with one small difference in its current version: the nape of the neck is also very short. The lengths on top of the head also allow for a variety of hairstyles (with paste, gel, mousse or hairspray).

The undercut

Beard lining

Over time, this men's haircut has been associated with a variety of cultures and subcultures. What is important to remember today is that it is undeniably stylish and suits almost any face shape.

Returning trends

Have you ever worn one of the styles below a few years ago and got bored with it? They're back and you'll love them!

Curly hair

If you're lucky enough to have naturally curly or wavy hair, you can choose a cut that highlights it and use the right styling products to enhance it (mousse, wax, etc.). Asking an expert for advice on how to make the right choice for thin or thick hair is a must!

Curly hair

Moreover, curly hair should help highlight the face. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully clear the edges and structure the cut. Good news for men with straight hair who dream of having curly hair: the perm is within your reach! Less aggressive than in the past, it offers the most "bluffing" results.

The well-trimmed short beard

For the past few years, men have been sporting long, full beards. Nowadays, we prefer to lighten it by keeping it short and trim. That said, it is possible to keep a longer mustache. For best results, it's highly recommended that you leave the structure and shading of your beard to an experienced barber - and maintain it on a daily basis.

short beard
well-trimmed short beard

The man bun

The man bun, commonly known as the man bun, is still going strong! If you want to grow your hair out, remember to take care of it and let a professional supervise the regrowth period. Also, with a man bun, it's important to have your beard maintained with quality products (e.g. oils).


Sweeping, highlights or complete bleaching: the choice depends on the desired effect. To avoid damaging your hair when depigmenting it, entrust it to the good care of an experienced Maison Privée barber!

Want to see what hairstyles are popular in Europe? Take a look at the site of famous hairstylist Jean Louis David or Fabio Salsato get some inspiration!

Looking for men's haircut or hairstyle ideas for spring, summer, fall or winter? Whatever the season,Maison Privée's barbers can guide you!

Clothing and haircut: to assert your style and personality

A haircut and a dress code say a lot about a man's personality. So, choose yours according to the image you want to project, whether it's that of a professional, an artist, a rebel, a sportsman, a rocker... it's up to you!
Clothing and haircut: to assert your style and personality

Need to add some stylish clothes to your wardrobe to show off your trendy haircut? Shop at Ernest and get advice from our stylists!

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