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Article: Ernest Marks Earth Day 2024

Ernest souligne le Jour de la Terre 2024

Ernest Marks Earth Day 2024

Environmental protection is a hot topic right now, and the Ernest team is keen on promoting eco-friendly initiatives by highlighting Earth Day.


Did you know Earth Day was first celebrated over 50 years ago, on April 22nd, 1970 ? Established by American Senator Gaylord Nelson, it has since become the world's most significant participatory environmental movement! Its goal ? To raise awareness among authorities and the general public about our planet's ecological issues, such as pollution and waste.


When we think about the environment, we automatically think about climate change, particularly the warming attributed to human activities.
In Canada, the warming recorded so far is nearly twice the global average, with detrimental impacts on wildlife, flora, and human health. According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, all indications suggest this trend will continue. In Quebec, disruptions have led to several extreme situations (storms, heatwaves, floods, etc.) affecting the agriculture sector, among others. Not to mention the unprecedented increase in forest fires!
Elsewhere in the world, we cannot ignore the numerous climate-related disasters (hurricanes, droughts, fires, etc.), which force population displacement and contribute to the spread of diseases.


The fashion industry faces several environmental challenges. It is estimated that it's responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and globally, nearly 85% of textiles produced end up in landfills within the same year (Source: 2018 Ellen MacArthur Foundation report). Pollution, excessive consumption of resources related to fast fashion, and textile waste management are urgent issues that must be addressed.
Do you have clothes you no longer wear? Donate them to an organization that will give them a second life, such as Renaissance, Village des Valeurs, or Le Support.


To adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and consumption habits in men's fashion, follow these practical tips :
- Buy your items from stores in Quebec rather than from fast fashion giants;
- Choose durable and versatile pieces;
- Carefully maintain your clothes to keep them for a long time;
- Use biodegradable detergents to clean them.


At Ernest, we're ramping up our eco-responsible initiatives by actively expanding our range to include more products made with BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative). Additionally, we're fully committed to selling resilient and durable products — saying "no" to disposable fashion trends! Furthermore, our packaging is entirely made from recyclable materials. Finally, we prioritize ethical fashion practices by not incorporating fur into any items in our current collections.

By choosing from our selections of suits or other essential quality pieces for the men's wardrobe, you're contributing to carbon emissions reduction. Now more than ever, let's recognize the importance of Earth Day and our commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry. Join us in creating a greener future!

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