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Article: How to achieve a chic casual look for men?

Réussir le style casual chic homme

How to achieve a chic casual look for men?

Casual chic is an increasingly popular fashion style, for both women and men. What is casual chic? What pieces should you wear to nail this look and what pitfalls should you avoid? Our Ernest experts explain everything about this fashion style.

What is Casual Chic Style?

The term casual chic comes from the combination of two fashion styles. There's the casual for the relaxed or sportswear side, and the chic that brings a touch of elegance. It's suitable for all ages and has been around for several years. You can wear it for various occasions (work, parties, nights out...). This style gives every man a modern and dynamic look.

It's very trendy because it offers many advantages. Casual chic is easy to adopt and versatile. You can indeed make numerous combinations. It's often described as a balanced look between chic and relaxed, but it all depends on your preferences. You can choose to emphasize the dressy side or the sportswear side. The most important thing is to follow the rules concerning the choice of clothing.

To fully understand all the styles of the dress code, you can use the men's dress code guide available on our website. It explains the basics of each style.

 Casual Chic Style

What Pieces Make Up the Casual Chic Style for Men?

There are some essential pieces that must be present in casual chic. They add style to your outfit, and most of them are timeless.


Jeans are wardrobe basics. They should neither be grunge nor skinny. Men's jeans should have a straight cut without being too tight. They will thus be comfortable and will flatter your body. You can wear these with a polo, sweater, vest, sneakers... To accentuate the sportswear side, you can choose a slightly faded jean.

Chino Pants

The chino is a slightly dressier pant than jeans and is suitable for many occasions (work, parties, dates, nights out...). Straight, without pleats, and often made from lightweight cotton-based materials, this piece is a must-have in casual chic. This type of pant is available in our store in various shades. It pairs well with a sweater, turtleneck, shirt, sleeveless jacket, sneakers...

Sport Coats and Wool Sweaters

Simple and elegant, the sport coat brings the classy side to your casual chic look. You can wear it with a chino, a shirt, a t-shirt... However, to avoid looking like you're wearing a suit, don't pair it with pants of similar fabric or shades.

As for the wool sweater, it's perfect for a casual chic style in winter. This piece is a classic and will go very well with a chino, sneakers, boots, or derbies.

The Overcoat

The overcoat is generally a long coat or trench that is often worn over a suit. To avoid a completely chic look, wear it with casual clothes. You can therefore put it on over a sweater, a sweatshirt, a striped shirt...

The T-shirt and Polo for Men

A garment that men wear almost every day, the t-shirt is a must-have in the male wardrobe. It can be easily paired with more formal or classy clothes. The basic t-shirt can be worn under a vest, a trench, or even a shirt.

The polo is also a piece that occupies an important place in men's wardrobes. It is elegant and suitable for all types of occasions.

The Shirt

With raw jeans and sneakers or city shoes, the shirt would be a perfect outfit for a casual chic style. This piece is part of everyday clothing. We recommend choosing a sport shirt to stay in the spirit of the half-chic, half-sportswear look. This garment is available on our online store in different patterns, colors, and sizes.

The Turtleneck and the Vest with or without Sleeves

The turtleneck is similar to a wool sweater, but it is classier. To complete it, you can put on a blazer or a coat. As for the sleeveless vest, it is warm and elegant. This piece should be present in every man's wardrobe.

Shoes and Accessories

Men can complete their casual chic outfit with sneakers, boots, or derbies... However, you must properly match the pieces to avoid a fashion faux pas. The choice of shoes is indeed very important, as they can tip your style towards classy or casual. You must therefore take into account the clothes you are wearing to choose the appropriate shoe.

As for accessories, let your imagination run wild. This is the ideal opportunity to add a touch of originality to your ensemble. You can, for example, use a scarf, wear a tuque, colorful socks, a leather backpack...

The turtleneck and the vest with or without sleeves

What Are the Trendy Colors for 2023?

The trendy colors in 2023 in the fashion field are both bright and neutral. Magenta red, for example, was chosen by Pantone as the color of the year. Baby pink and bright orange are also must-haves for 2023. You also have cerulean blue, a very deep blue that is naturally very classy.

The cream shade, purple, brown, and all shades of green are also in the spotlight this year. For a bright outfit, you can opt for a total look in cream shades. You can also add a touch of originality with a colorful accessory. Silver is also making its way into men's wardrobes in 2023. There are also white and black, which are basic shades but remain essential.

To have a good casual chic outfit, choose the shades to wear well. The ideal is to wear pastel-colored clothes that you can then complete with accessories in bright tones. To make your style fun and original, you can however wear colorful pants or a top.

The trendy colors

What Pitfalls to Avoid in a Casual Chic Look?

The casual chic style is easy to adopt, but make sure to pick the right pieces and make good combinations. For instance, you should avoid wearing a full suit to prevent falling into a total classic look. This style is more suitable for formal meetings like business gatherings. To that end, you can learn on our blog how to dress for a professional meeting, a seminar, a conference... We outline, step-by-step, the rules to follow to choose each piece of clothing properly.

Another common mistake with this look is having an ensemble that's too bland. This happens when you only choose clothes in solid or dark colors. You need to energize your style. When the main piece is dark like black, purple, red, or dark blue, the other clothes should be light in color. You can then add colorful shoes and accessories.

Examples of casual chic men's looks or outfits

Some Examples of Men's Casual Chic Looks or Outfits

If you have the essential pieces for a casual chic style in your wardrobe but don't know how to put them together, we offer some examples of looks you can take inspiration from.

You have the combination of raw jeans, t-shirt, and wool blazer with sleeves. You can also organize your outfit with a polo, jeans, and a sports jacket. For both styles, you can wear a pair of sneakers, boots, or derbies. To add a touch of elegance to the second ensemble, you can put a pocket square in the jacket pocket.

Another example of a casual chic men's look is pairing faded jeans with a straight cut, a polo, and a sports jacket. This ensemble will be perfect for a relaxed weekend style with friends or colleagues. You can add a pair of classy shoes or sneakers for a more sporty look.

You can also wear a tie without giving the impression of wearing a full suit. To do this, we recommend combining a sport shirt with a blazer and jeans. To avoid looking too formal, opt for a textured or veined model. For shoes, you can wear sneakers, derbies, or even boots.

If you prefer a casual chic style that leans more towards sportswear, choose very sporty clothes. You can, for example, pair a tank top, tapered joggers for men, and a pair of sneakers. For the classy side, you can put on a long coat or a trench.

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