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Article: Mastering elegant-chic styling for special events

Maîtriser le style élégant-chic pour les événements spéciaux

Mastering elegant-chic styling for special events

For all occasions, a man should be appropriately dressed to make a good impression. A balanced, elegant, and distinctive style helps you stand out and attract positive attention. Choosing a chic outfit for men can also boost your self-confidence and your potential for attraction. Want to master the codes of an elegant, chic, and refined style for special events and evenings? Discover expert advice from Ernest, your go-to brand for men's fashion in Quebec and Canada.

What Men's Style for a Wedding?

To make a splash at a wedding, the suit is the chic outfit for men to choose. The suit remains a timeless part of the men's dress code for major occasions and the most important events.

The Groom's Formal Outfit

The groom chooses a custom three-piece suit consisting of a suit jacket, a waistcoat, and a dress shirt. You can easily find a wedding suit with a 2-button jacket at an Ernest store. To enhance your chic men's outfit for the wedding, closed shoes in genuine black, gray, or brown leather will do just fine. You should take care to perfectly match your socks with your shoes and outfit. For a formal wedding look, solid color cotton socks are recommended. It's important to highlight the elements of the suit (jacket, dress pants, shirt, etc.) with great accessories.

Cufflinks with nice details can serve to underline the elegance of the outfit at the wrist level. To highlight the groom's chic wedding outfit, the bow tie is a timeless and effective men's fashion accessory. There are pointed, slim, plaid, or solid bow ties to create the style that suits you. A good bow should not exceed the shirt collar. To modernize the look of your chic men's wedding outfit, opt for a solid silk or cotton tie that allows for a contemporary and balanced top. To finalize your wedding outfit, you can opt for a leather chronograph or automatic watch.

Men's style for a wedding

The Outfit for Guests and Groomsmen

If you are the best man or a guest, you should opt for a chic and simple outfit so as not to overshadow the groom. An elegant suit with a jacket, a solid dress shirt, and a solid tie can be a good idea for groomsmen. Guests who want to adopt a formal style can choose a suit with a jacket, a solid shirt, and a waistcoat without wearing a tie or bow tie.

A simple pocket square can bring a chic touch to this formal and sober men's outfit for a wedding. Neutral and solid colors are preferred for the suit to respect the solemn character of the ceremony. For successful color and texture coordination of your suits, jackets, and wedding shirts, you can trust the expert advice of Ernest's seasoned stylists.

Outfit for guests and groomsmen

A Casual Dress Code for Guests

It may happen that the wedding organization requires a specific dress code for all guests. For a fun and slightly less formal ceremony, the bride and groom may require guests to adopt a chic casual or full casual dress code. Here, you can opt for a nice V-neck sport dress shirt or a slim-fit t-shirt for the top. You have the choice between stretchy jeans or athletic-cut wool dress pants for the bottom part of your chic and casual outfit for a wedding. Optionally, you can complete your chic casual men's outfit with lace-up espadrilles.

How to Dress for a Networking Event?

Having a proper and attractive style in a professional setting enhances your personal branding. To compose your outfit for a professional meeting, Ernest's men's fashion experts offer tips and tricks. For a conference, congress, seminar, or work training, the business casual look is ideal. For a professional evening, this style will exude a certain presence, elegance, and refinement. The business casual dress code allows team members to dress chicly, comfortably, and simply while maintaining a serious and professional physical appearance.

All clothing (sweaters, cardigans, polos, sleeveless jackets, jackets, pants, coats, etc.) must be clean and wrinkle-free. To compose the top of your chic business casual outfit, you can choose a solid-colored blazer or jacket. Ernest offers a variety of models that are as attractive and effective as each other when it comes to jackets.

To complete the top of the chic casual outfit, you can also choose a dress shirt or a light solid-colored sport button-up shirt. You don't need to wear a tie, but a pocket square can make a real difference in style. For the bottom, wool pants or fitted chinos will do, regardless of color. However, be careful not to create a look that's too flashy. To finalize the style, choose dressy leather Oxford shoes.

Dressing for a networking event

A More Casual Chic Business Outfit for Professional Events

Another way to compose your chic casual business outfit is to choose only a t-shirt or a long-sleeved plaid or striped shirt for the top. Optionally, you can accompany this top with a cardigan or sweater if the room is a bit chilly. Our store also offers beautiful high-quality cardigans and sweaters to enhance your chic casual business outfit for men. Shop for a black cardigan to make a difference at your next professional networking event. You will find this type of model in the sweaters and cardigans section of the Ernest website.

For the bottom part of your chic outfit, fitted chino pants or dark denim jeans will allow you to create the desired style. Consider cognac leather lace-up sneakers or black sports shoes that will match with solid-colored breathable cotton socks. Ernest offers sneakers with sumptuous details made by Geox or Bugatti, brands recognized for making chic and luxurious men's fashion accessories.

Accessory choice is also a crucial aspect of your casual professional outfit. Don't forget a thin dressy leather belt to hold the jeans in place and improve the look of your silhouette. The business casual look cannot be complete without a watch or bracelet. The Ernest website offers numerous watch models among which you will undoubtedly find your happiness.

What Outfit for a Graduation Ball?

The style generally remains formal, but you have more choices to personalize the outfit and make it more comfortable and modern. For a chic men's outfit, you can choose a two-button jacket suit. The black suit remains an unbeatable classic for a chic and effective men's style at a graduation ball. There are golden rules for finding the right suit for a graduation ball. It is worn with a white, light blue, or light gray shirt, properly dressed and accessorized with a discreet and elegant patterned bow tie or tie. The fitted dress shirt or sport shirt should ideally display a solid color so as not to disturb the visual balance of the ball outfit.

It is also important to wear the shirt inside the pants, supporting the waist with a beautiful dressy leather belt. You can, however, choose a shirt with micro patterns or discreet prints. For an authentic old-school side, don't forget the patterned pocket square that enhances the charm of the jacket. The graduation ball suit can also be beige, gray, or navy blue. A stretchy fabric suit worn close to the body will enhance your silhouette.

Here are some tips to make your chic men's outfit unique at the graduation ball:

  • let the shirt sleeve protrude about 1/4 inch from the jacket sleeve to properly showcase the watch or bracelet,
  • choose dress pants that stop at the ankle for a young and trendy style,
  • do not wear socks or choose solid socks to bring originality and refinement to your style,
  • have adjustments made to the jacket or pants by a good tailor according to your wishes.

To enhance your outfit for the graduation ball, it is important to choose traditional dressy leather shoes whose color harmonizes with the suit's shade. It is not excluded to wear sneakers for a chic, sporty, and semi-formal look. It is important to harmonize the tones for the shoe and belt to wear if you want to effectively complete your chic men's outfit.

Outfit for a graduation ball

How to Dress for a Family Gathering?

To have an elegant style for a family event, the "blazer-dress shirt-tie-dress pants" outfit continues to work wonders. Harmonious and elegant, your suit should remain understated so as not to steal the spotlight from the guest of honor during a festive ceremony. A dark solid color blazer in suede or velvet, a light solid color shirt in cotton or silk, and linen pants will be perfectly suitable.

Our store also offers excellent items if you wish to put together a casual and chic men's outfit for a family gathering. To make a good impression at this event, you can choose denim pants, semi-fitted jeans, or micro-textured chinos for the bottom of your outfit. For the casual top, you can opt for a body-hugging V-neck t-shirt or a plain zip-up polo that you can optionally pair with an elegant blazer.

Don't forget suede or brown leather sneakers that are real all-rounders. Take a tour of our store to find accessories to enhance the aesthetics of your outfit.

How to Dress for a Gala?

You may want to dress elegantly for a gala or an eventful evening. The Ernest store will help you dress appropriately to pleasantly impress. For a gala dinner, a "White Tie" dress code is marked by a black tailcoat suit and a white bow tie. For a "Black Tie" dress code, you need a black tuxedo or a black jacket cut and fitted to your body shape. The suit can be navy blue. Pair it with a well-ironed white dress shirt, a cummerbund, a black bow tie, and dress shoes.

Invest in cufflinks with intricate details to enhance the sleeves of your shirt. The cufflinks must match the suit and other accessories. The belt remains understated and matches your Oxford shoes. For a gala evening, avoid wearing a tie in any form. To create a chic outfit for a gala evening, it's important to choose dark, solid color socks. These could be dark gray, black, or navy blue. Avoid short socks with flashy patterns. White socks are not highly recommended when creating a chic men's outfit for a gala evening.

Dressing for a Gala

How to Dress for a Birthday Party?

For a birthday, a chic casual style will allow you to stand out. Your chic and simple men's outfit can consist of clean and practical pieces such as:

  • a pair of jeans or chinos,
  • a t-shirt or a polo shirt,
  • high-quality sneakers.

It's not out of the question to replace the t-shirt or polo with a nice patterned or well-designed printed shirt. If it's a company birthday, then casual professional attire can also make an impression. You can choose, for example, a slim-fit sport shirt on which you may or may not wear a sweater or cardigan.

The pants or jeans should ideally be dark in color to create a nice contrast in your chic men's outfit for a birthday. No matter the occasion, Ernest helps you coordinate clothes for an exceptional and interesting outfit.

Shop affordably for clothing and accessories made by leading men's fashion brands whose expertise is recognized by all.

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