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Article: How to wear a suit

Complets | Suits

How to wear a suit

In a man's wardrobe, purchasing a suit of quality represents a more significant investment than a pair of jeans. Therefore, it is well cared for to keep it for many years.

However, even if the suit that catches your eye seems perfect at first glance, you must consider that to wear it elegantly, it is essential to ensure that it fits you perfectly and flatters your figure. Moreover, it must be paired with well-chosen accessories.

Does the jacket or trousers of your ideal suit need an adjustment? No worries! At Ernest, we offer an on-site alteration service in our stores. It's easy and affordable: why miss out?

Want a suit that fits like a glove? You're in the right place! In this blog post, we offer a host of practical tips for wearing your suit according to the rules of the art. Let's go, follow the guide!

Charcoal suit


You might be surprised to learn that several criteria must be met to wear a men's jacket elegantly. Here is a short reminder of the principles to remember:

Jacket Length

The length of the jacket is of utmost importance. Avoid wearing a suit that looks like you borrowed it from your father or has been hanging in your closet since your prom! In short, your jacket should neither resemble a lab coat nor a crop top. So, remember this simple rule: if the bottom of the jacket reaches the center of your hand when your arms are placed along your body, it's ideal!

Sleeve Length

The length of your jacket's sleeve is another crucial element to consider during your shopping spree. It's not just a matter of aesthetics but also functionality. Think about it: a sleeve that is too long is very impractical when you want to write, eat, or shake hands with people you want to impress. On the other hand, a shorter men's jacket sleeve gives the illusion of a too-small jacket, and you might not be taken seriously. So, how do you know if the sleeve is the right length? Again, it's not complicated at all: the end of the sleeves of what you wear under your jacket (e.g., sweater or sport shirt) should not protrude too much from the sleeve of it (one or two centimeters at most) when you are standing with your arms relaxed. The goal is to show just a little to create a harmonious and flattering effect.

Shoulder Length

Once you are wearing the jacket, look at yourself from the front in a mirror and check what's happening at the shoulders. If they protrude on the sides, a bit like a football player, it will unbalance your figure. Similarly, if the shoulder seam is closer to your neck, you won't be able to move easily and will look like you're suffocating! Thus, for the most elegant fit, the jacket's seam should be at the end of the shoulder, right at the junction.

Fitting (fit)

Fasten the buttons of your jacket (except the bottom one) and observe yourself. Does your torso look like a "block"? If so, the jacket is probably too loose, which is ungraceful! On the contrary, do you look like an hourglass and fear that the buttons of your jacket will burst as soon as you eat one or two appetizers? These are telltale signs of poor fitting! For a flawless fit, your jacket should not form wrinkles when buttoned (look for the unsightly "X" shaped wrinkle) and should slightly outline your waist.


Did you know that men's fashion experts have a strict rule about this? Thus, sometimes fasten the top button, always the middle one, and never the bottom one, if applicable. At Ernest, we have up-to-date suit collections, which is why we don't have three-button jackets. That said, as trends are constantly evolving, we might see this style reappear sooner or later. Stay tuned!


Is your jacket perfectly adjusted? Now see if you can say the same about your trousers by checking the following characteristics:

The right length

Trousers that are too short or too long are rarely flattering! As a general rule, the bottom of them should brush the top of your shoe when you are standing. That said, fashions evolve, and some men deliberately opt for a suit with shorter trousers to highlight trendy shoes or socks, for example. To avoid style mistakes, discuss with our experts: they are constantly on the lookout for new trends in the fashion world!

Dress trousers

The break (break)

The break is the fold that forms when the bottom of the trousers brushes the top of your shoe. Again, it's all about the right amount. For example, too much break can certainly "break" your look by giving you a clumsy or even neglected appearance. On the other hand, a medium or slight break, with a less pronounced fold, is the current standard.

The fit around the buttocks

Well-cut trousers that hug your body without clinging are essential for a flawless look. For obvious reasons, your trousers should neither gape, form inappropriate wrinkles, nor be too tight around your hips and buttocks, whether they are flat or rounded. The waist circumference should allow you to breathe easily, and nothing should "pull" at the groin level. In short, comfort and decency are key!


Do you have a three-piece suit with a vest (or waistcoat)? In this case, you must ensure that its size suits your figure, or you risk ruining your outfit, which would be a shame, especially if you are attending a special event where many photos are taken (e.g., prom, gala, or wedding)! Thus, once fastened (except the bottom button), your suit vest should not form wrinkles at the shoulders and should not show your shirt above the belt — nor leave the latter visible.


Too many men make the mistake of neglecting the fit of their jacket collar. Yet, it is also an important element to be 100% elegant! To check if your jacket collar is well placed, simply remember this:

There should not be a gap between the jacket and the shirt at the neck level, as this means the jacket is too big;
There should also not be a fold at the back, as this indicates the jacket is too small;
The top of your shirt collar should be visible uniformly all around your neck for a neat appearance.

    If you have difficulty assessing the fit of your collar, seek advice from a men's fashion "pro" — like our stylists at Ernest!

    Navy jacket


    There are several cuts of men's jackets, allowing you to vary looks or highlight your figure. Let's take a closer look at two features you might notice while shopping for a suit: the notch and the style of the sleeves.

    The notch 

    First, the depth of the jacket's notch allows for creating different effects. For example:

    A high-position notch (which shows little of the shirt and tie, if applicable) is flattering for tall men with a strong build. If your legs and torso are well-proportioned, this model is definitely worth considering!
      A neutral-position notch (which goes down to the center of the jacket) is perfect for most men. Versatile and all-purpose, this cut is also a must for gentlemen with long legs.
        A low-position notch (which could be compared to a sort of "plunging neckline," jacket version!) is an excellent choice for those who want to appear taller and slimmer, as it elongates the torso. An ideal solution for men with wide hips or shorter legs!

          Regardless of the desired notch, be aware that the collections at Ernest (both suit jackets and sport jackets) are designed to flatter various body types. Therefore, even if your body shape is not associated with a particular type of notch, it is possible to adjust the suit to create a chic effect with the shirt, tie, and company. There's virtually nothing our experienced stylists can't handle: during your visit, your measurements will be taken to select a suit that will fit you perfectly!

          Sleeve Style

          Do you have a professional meeting on your schedule? A Tinder date? An interview for your dream job? A prom? An excellence gala? 

          Depending on the event or activity on your agenda, you might want to wear a more or less chic suit. Thus, if the sleeve of a suit jacket has only one button, know that it is casual. Then, the more buttons there are (2, 3, 4), the more sophisticated the look. Note that at Ernest, most of our suit jackets have four buttons on the sleeve. In this case, you are assured of being at the height of elegance!

          In our stores, you will find suits from our excellent house brands Orvieto and Anthony of London, or Marco Ferreira, which offers beautiful, very affordable options. Gray, black with micro-dots, blue, floral, checked... you will certainly find the style you need!

          To learn more about the different men's dress codes, read our blog post titled " The dress code reviewed and explained ". Goodbye, fashion faux pas!

          BONUS: essential shoes and accessories

          There you have it, you've found the suit of your dreams? Once it is well adjusted to your figure, you can focus on the details that make all the difference, namely the shoes and other essential accessories! Choose the shoes according to your suit for a flawless outfit. At Ernest, we offer you elegant, trendy, and comfortable models from renowned brands such as Stacy Adams and Florsheim. For a refined look, you can't go wrong with a leather Oxford-style shoe, for example.

          Very important: in anticipation of moments when you will be sitting with your legs crossed, consider wearing nice socks that will match your trousers or shoes. If the event is formal, solid colors or classic discreet patterns are appropriate. However, if it's a more casual activity, don't hesitate to show your true colors. Who knows, your original socks might help you stand out beautifully!

          Finally, depending on your tastes or the required dress code, you can think about coordinating the following accessories with your suit:

          A belt (of good quality leather);
          A tie — tied and adjusted correctly;
          A bow tie;
          A pocket square;
          A beautiful watch.

            At Ernest, we are proud to dress the elegant men of Quebec for all their most significant events. Want to enhance your wardrobe with one or more suits? Visit one of our stores to discover our high-quality collections and create an outfit that will give you confidence on all occasions!

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