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Article: The tailor | Master of custom fits

Le tailleur | Maître des ajustements sur mesure

The tailor | Master of custom fits

A professional and affordable sewing service to touch up your clothes

In men's ready-to-wear fashion, men generally tend to believe that their pieces (pants, shirt, jacket, etc.) should fit perfectly on the first fitting. But we're not talking about shoes here! Shoes should indeed be comfortable and fit your feet the first time you put them on. However, when it comes to clothing, some modifications (alterations) may be necessary. Are your sewing skills limited, or do you not know anyone around you who can make alterations (other than sewing on a button, for example)? Don't be discouraged, because there is an easy and affordable solution: at Ernest, we offer tailoring services in our boutiques!

When you choose to spend money on new clothes, no matter what the style, it's important that the fit is right for you. That being said, even if you decide to buy a suit from a major brand, it may not necessarily fit you perfectly. So whether you buy a $400 or $4000 suit, it may well need one or more alterations. That's when the tailor steps in to make minor or major adjustments that literally change everything!

Photo by Jeremy Beadle on Unsplash

Why is it better to have a better fitting suit?

Wondering if it's really worth it to have a jacket or dress pants altered? Let us tell you why it's a must. First of all, a well-fitting suit is noticeable... but the reverse is also true! If the sleeves of your jacket are too long, for example, your beautiful watch or elegant cufflinks will be overlooked, which would be a shame. And if the seam on your shoulder is not in the right place, it will not only be visually unflattering, but it will also restrict your movements, which is not very graceful!

Furthermore, if the fabric of your pants around your buttocks or zipper yawns or, on the contrary, leaves no room for your private parts, you'll find the time long (and potentially be mocked!) at events where you should be looking your best. Fortunately, a good fit can help you avoid those awkward moments!

The bottom line is that wearing a well-fitted suit instantly boosts your confidence by making you look professional, regardless of your size or build. Knowing that everything "falls" in the right places, that you don't look stuck or lost in your clothes, and that the length of the sleeves on the jacket and pants is approved by men's fashion experts, you can spend all your time dazzling your business partners, clients, potential conquests, etc.! Why go without?

Have perfectly fitting clothes without breaking the bank? It is possible!

Many men automatically associate "size-fitting suit" with "big budget". It's time to debunk this myth and set the record straight! With our tailoring service, you can get a perfect fit for you for just a few extra dollars. There's no secret: our competitive prices are posted in each of our stores, in plain sight. No fine print, no nasty surprises!

If we have decided not to include the alterations service for free, it is first of all to keep better conditions for our tailors, but also for the sake of transparency. Out of respect for our customers, we want to give you the choice to use this service or not, without adding it to the price of the items.

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Be comfortable and beautiful in all your pieces with our pros!

You've found an outfit you like and that fits your usual size, but there's something wrong with it when you try it on? That's where our experts come in! The sewing professionals at Ernest can adjust suits of all brands in jacket sleeves, waistband, pant leg and more! Did you know that we can also adjust the sleeves of your shirts or do extra bending to create a more modern look?

So when you fall in love with a color, style or pattern, don't be immediately disappointed when something doesn't look right on you. Thanks to the expertise and experience of our pros, it is often possible to make minor alterations, and you're done!

In fact, rest assured that all of our in-store stylists know up front what they can modify for you, and what the limits of those modifications are. It may not be a custom piece, but we will try to get as close as possible, we promise!

In the same vein, it is obvious that all bodies are different (long live diversity!) and that not all of us are lucky enough to have only a simple pant edge to modify. That's why this convenient service exists in boutiques across the province. Women's fashion boutiques rarely have this type of service available on-site and at low cost. So, as a man of style and taste, take advantage of this privilege and stop by to discover a wide range of chic and sporty clothing for your daily activities and special occasions.

Photo by Andrea Natali on Unsplash

In short, at Ernest, you don't pay the price of a custom-made suit, but for a small extra fee, we can adjust your suit to fit your figure. For a man who wants to keep his appearance neat, but doesn't have an unlimited budget, this is definitely the best of both worlds. We look forward to meeting you!

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