Men’s fashion: 9 fashion trends to embrace this fall

Although the pandemic isn’t entirely behind us yet, daily life is slowly returning to normal. Are you still working from home? Will you be returning to the office? Does your job require you to travel to meet with clients or suppliers? Whatever your professional situation, fall is fast approaching, which means it’s time to switch over to your fall wardrobe. If you want to create a look for the season that’s on trend, here’s an overview of some of the most current warm clothing styles for men.

1. Leather clothing and accessories

Leather continues to be a staple of the modern man’s wardrobe. It’s a durable and versatile material that can last a lifetime. You can easily transform your outfit from sporty to chic depending on the cut and style of the leather garment (pants, coat) or accessory (shoes, belts) you choose to wear. Black, cognac and navy leather are great options for any season.


Gants marine et cognac

2. Sweaters and cardigans with geometric patterns

Patterned clothing has been in style for a few seasons, and geometric patterns have been trending since last summer. When it comes to sweaters and cardigans, bold shapes, stripes and designs are all the rage. At Ernest, you can also find simple, timeless styles that can go with just about anything.



3. Natural and organic shades

It's no surprise that earthy tones and muted shades are in this season. You can rest easy knowing that traditional fall colours like beige, brown, forest green and burnt orange are here to stay. You can opt for a chic monochromatic look or incorporate one of these hues as an accent colour.

 Chemises unis coton flanelle naturelle

4. Red

Fall tends to get a bad rep for being a dull, grey and bland season. However, in contrast to the neutral colours that are popular this year, red is in the spotlight. If you want to turn heads, pair this vibrant hue with a sporty blazer, comfortable sweater or casual shirt.

  Veston rouge à faux uni


5. Sweater vests

This fall, seater vests are back and better than ever with a variety of styles to choose from, including classic, loose and fitted options. At Ernest, we’re keeping things classy with our standard button-down styles. This statement piece can be worn under a blazer or alone with a nice pair of jeans or chinos. If you’re looking for something a little different, visit one of our stores to find the perfect sweater vest to complete your outfit.


6. Turtlenecks and funnel necks

Turtleneck and funnel neck sweaters are must-have, cold-weather fashion pieces. They can be worn alone, under a blazer or with a shacket (a cross between a sweater and a jacket) for a more casual look. Since these sweaters are readily available this season, you can choose from a multitude of colours and materials to make your outfit come to life.


Col roulé marine

7. Plaid

Although giant floral patterns are still popular in men's fashion, the return of fall means that the urban lumberjack look is trending. That’s right, plaid is back. Classic plaid or checked pieces are the way to go. This timeless pattern has made its way onto casual shirts, blazers and suits in 2021.

veston bronze et complet à carreaux fenêtres  

Cuir avec chemise carreaux

8. Flannel

The return of plaid means that flannel is also back in style. Ernest offers a wide selection of flannel shirts that can be worn alone, with a t-shirt or over top of your favourite wool sweater.

 Chemise sport flanelle à carreaux

Col roulé crème beige chemise à carreaux jeans chinos chien

Chemise bleue chevrons sport flanelle

9. The casual yet put-together look

Wow your colleagues with your chic yet laid-back style. Today’s fashion is all about understated style and comfort. Pair a fitted blazer or dress suit with a T-shirt or turtleneck sweater to create a casual yet put-together look.


Comfort, style and elegance: your fall wardrobe awaits at Ernest

Do you need an outfit for cottage, city or office life? For chopping wood, doing paperwork or strolling downtown? At Ernest, we stay on top of international men’s fashion trends. Therefore, you can rely on our expertise to find warm clothing and trendy accessories, including the coveted dark fitted toque. Take a look at our Fall/Winter Men's Lookbook or visit our Essentials page to find inspiration.

Chandail chenille noir cardigan gris chemise à carreaux 

Are you having trouble co-ordinating colours or patterns to create the perfect office or date night look? Are you struggling to find a flattering cut? If you want personalized advice, turn to our in-store men's fashion experts and stylists. They’ll help you find flattering, chic and comfortable fall outfits that suit your tastes and lifestyle. We look forward to helping you build the perfect fall/winter wardrobe.

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