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Article: Understanding the different types of suits

Complets | Suits

Understanding the different types of suits

The suit—often called "costume" by our French cousins—is of paramount importance in a man's wardrobe, regardless of his age or profession. Indeed, a fine suit gives you a distinguished appearance and enhances your presence at your events.

A bit of history to start! As you know, men's attire was once very ornate and eccentric. However, it simplified in the 17th century in Great Britain. It was towards the end of the 18th century that the tie replaced the lace jabot, at the time when French revolutionaries began wearing trousers. In the 19th century, some English aristocrats and dandies began to wear frock coats, tailcoats, and morning coats, which laid the foundation for the future suit-and-tie we know today. Noteworthy fact: it was in 1855 that a man (Edward VII, for those interested!) wore a suit made of the same fabric for the first time.

The suit then evolved to become more functional. Due to the popularity of sports, men swapped the frock coat for the straight jacket, much more practical. Later, with the rapid growth of commerce and industry in the 19th century, the sober suit became the style associated with important men. Symbolizing Western modernity and wealth, its popularity exploded and has since been worn in many places around the globe. Check this page for more details!

In this article, we are pleased to introduce you to the different types of suits, many of which are available in our stores across Quebec. Enjoy your reading!


There are two main categories of suits. First, the "two-piece" consists of a matching jacket and trousers, giving it a classic look. The "three-piece" suit, on the other hand, also includes a buttoned and fitted vest that perfectly matches the jacket and trousers. This adds a more sophisticated touch to the ensemble. Note that there are different styles of vests (e.g., classic, round lapel, pointed lapel), but whatever you wear, you should never fasten the last button near the belt—tradition dictates!

As a general rule, remember that the choice between the two suit options depends on the degree of formality you are looking for and your personal style preferences.

Not sure? Ask our stylists! Our men's fashion experts will ask you about the event for which you need to dress up and will make personalized recommendations.

2-piece suit


As we have seen, a classic suit is the elegant duo of a jacket and trousers that match in perfect harmony. As its name suggests, it has a jacket without ornamentation. Its lines are clean, its pockets and lapels are discreet, and its cut is simple.

Its trousers are perfectly tailored following precise rules, completing the ensemble. This choice of attire remains appropriate for various occasions, whether formal, professional, or social. At Ernest, we recommend the classic suit to stand out in a job interview, or to make a good impression at a professional meeting, for example. If your accessories are of quality, it's impossible to go wrong with this choice!


Also featuring a jacket and matching trousers, the sports suit has a versatile style, easier to wear than the classic suit. Thus, unlike the "formal" suit, it focuses on comfort and versatility. The jacket may have more casual details (e.g., patch pockets) or a less structured style.

The trousers, on the other hand, are often more comfortable, sometimes made of less rigid fabric than that of a classic suit. A sports suit is ideal for less formal occasions. We therefore recommend this outfit to be stylish for a weekend activity or for a first date (the famous dates on Tinder and the like!).


Often called "tuxedo," the tuxedo is certainly a type of suit that is reserved for extraordinary events. Indeed, this outfit embodies formal elegance with its black fitted jacket with satin lapels, matching trousers with a satin stripe on the side, and, in most situations, a bow tie. Worn with or without a vest, it is the ideal choice for a special occasion such as a wedding, a gala, or a ceremony. Very important: the shirt of a tuxedo must be immaculate, and the shoes, polished!



The jacket of a double-breasted suit is characterized by two wide lapels fastened over each other. It features two parallel rows of buttons (four or six, generally). This somewhat vintage cut draws attention to the upper body by enhancing your build. Favored by many men with a strong sense of style, these suits are certainly a bolder fashion choice.


This style of suit, whether it has two or three buttons, is paired with trousers featuring horizontal slit pockets and sometimes a lapel that "falls" over the lacing. It should be noted that in recent years, the trend is mainly towards two-button jackets that fit your torso without clinging.

In conclusion, know that while it is crucial to choose the right type of suit, it is equally important to know how to wear it properly!

Do you have a special activity or event on your schedule and want to be well-dressed by wearing a quality suit? Don't hesitate to visit one of our stores! In addition to presenting our different models, our stylists can advise you on accessories that will perfectly complete your outfit. We look forward to meeting you!

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