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Article: What are the essential suits for a man's wardrobe in 2024 ?

Quels sont les complets indispensables pour la garde-robe d’un homme en 2024 ?

What are the essential suits for a man's wardrobe in 2024 ?

No one can deny it : the suit is an indispensable element of the male wardrobe ! A symbol of elegance, it can give you a professional and confident appearance in various situations (business meetings, romantic dates, job interviews, weddings, etc.).

How do I choose the proper suits ? Importantly, they should fit you well while highlighting your assets ! So, if you're on top of trends, you're in the right place! In this blog post, our fashion experts at Ernest present the essential types of suits for 2024 to look stylish on all occasions. Learn now what you need to know on the subject before heading to the store to select the essential styles — and make on-the-spot adjustments as needed with our tailoring service. Happy reading !


The so-called "classic" suit is a wise investment for your essential wardrobe. At first glance, it gives you a confident look. At Ernest, we advise you to choose a classic suit with a simple and slightly tailored cut. This should accentuate your silhouette without compressing it. A two-button jacket model is appropriate. Note that the classic suit can be worn with a shirt and tie, a quality t-shirt, or a turtleneck, depending on the desired level of formality.

To select a suit you'll enjoy wearing, choose durable, breathable, and comfortable fabric. Wool, for example, is a choice material for an outfit perfect for office work, as it offers good hold and excellent insulation. In terms of colour, you can't go wrong with navy blue and gray, neutral tones are easy to match. Nice shoes and socks are a must to complete your ensemble !


The sports suit for men differs from the classic suit by its more casual style for informal activities, such as dinner with colleagues. Its materials are generally more rugged, such as cotton, linen, tweed, or corduroy, giving a nice textured look to the outfit.

The fabric is also often thicker, which helps resist cold — and wrinkles ! Comfortable and flexible, the sports suit also features more oversized pockets (handy for storing your minor personal effects). Finally, this suit is perfect for men who want to have a distinguished style but without taking themselves too seriously.


Looking for something in between ? Good news: the hybrid suit for men combines the advantages of the classic suit and the sports suit ! It is characterized by a modern cut that follows the body's lines without being too tight. A hybrid suit (two-piece or three-piece) also has an elegant look and features a comfortable, flexible, breathable fabric that is resistant to wrinkles. An all-in-one, in short!

A hybrid suit is ideal for creating a variety of versatile and stylish outfits depending on the circumstances or dress code to follow. According to your preferences, you can wear it with a dress shirt and tie for a formal look or with a sweater and sneakers for a casual look.


You need to consider your needs to know how many suits you should own. Thus, if you work in an environment where wearing a suit is required, you should have at least three to rotate them — remember that you should never wear the same suit two days in a row !

To be able to vary your outfit according to the occasions (outings with friends, professional meetings, business trips, etc.), we recommend having at least one classic suit in a neutral shade, a slightly bolder sport suit (e.g., checkered), and a hybrid suit following fashion trends. That said, we want to warn you : when you start appreciating the suit, you'll want to own several for each activity category ! 😉

How to Dress for Different Occasions : Tips from Ernest

Whether classic, sport, or hybrid, the suit is a sensible choice for many occasions where you want to make a good impression.

Are you looking for a job ? Regardless of your field (law, finance, advertising, accounting, etc.), you'll find several tips for creating a professional-looking outfit by reading our article How to Dress for an Interview ?

Do you have an activity or event of a professional nature (business lunch, seminar, meeting with partners, etc.) on the agenda, and do you want a formal outfit that will command respect ? Check out our article How to Dress for a Business Meeting ? for plenty of stylish ideas !


If you have plans for the weekend, in our article Casual Weekend Outfit : How to Dress Well ? you'll see, among other things, how to wear a suit in a relaxed atmosphere. Expect to receive compliments !

Are you looking for your soulmate on dating sites ? If you want to capture the heart of someone you've set your sights on during a first date, draw heavily from the advice in our article What Should a Man Wear for a Tinder Date ? !

This year, refine your style with Ernest. Visit one of our stores to discover our superb collections of men's suits with cuts, colours, and patterns to suit the tastes of today's trends from brands like Orvieto, Anthony of London, Marco Ferrera, and Soul of London. Take advantage of your visit to find the essential shoes and accessories to complete your outfits (ties, pocket squares, belts, watches, etc.).

Whatever your body type and preferences, our experienced stylists can provide personalized recommendations so you're 100% satisfied with your purchases. We look forward to helping you create a wardrobe that reflects your image !

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