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Article: What gift to offer to a man who already has everything?

Quel cadeau offrir à un homme qui a déjà tout ?

What gift to offer to a man who already has everything?

We often think that someone we want to spoil already has everything, but it's an illusion! How can you be original and surprise a man you want to please for his birthday, retirement, Father's Day, or Christmas, for example? Discover our tips for finding the perfect gift in 2023-2024!


To better guide your search, you need to take an interest in the man you want to give a gift to, whether it's your father, stepfather, brother, brother-in-law, son, friend, or coworker. If you don't know him well, try learning more about his favourite activities and interests (sports, cars, literature, animals, nature, video games, visual arts, DIY, gardening, wines, travel, hunting, fishing, hiking, etc.).
You can obtain this information subtly by looking at his social media pages (what types of Instagram posts does he tend to share?), for example, or by questioning someone close to him who will assure you of their complete discretion. By doing this exercise beforehand, you'll avoid selecting a gift that might leave him indifferent!


To find a gift that the man isn't expecting, look for the latest trend (for this, you can get inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest). You can also "follow" his favourite artist or athlete to get ideas: promotional items, tickets to a match, album, autobiography, sweater, etc.
Here are the male personalities that Ernest Stores had the privilege of collaborating with in 2023/2024. To stay updated on our current and future collaborations, subscribe to our social networks, including our Instagram page!

Matteo Caprio

William Cloutier

Chris Kabeya



The objects that can be personalized are varied. You could offer him cufflinks bearing his initials, a coffee mug, a wine (or beer) glass with an inscription that will make other members of his household say, with a smile, "No one has the right to use that except me!"
Here are some suggestions from Quebec brands :

- A customizable leather keychain from Fab' (starting from $19*);
- A t-shirt with a customizable pocket from Poche & Fils (around $50*);
- A customizable wine glass from La Maison du Bar (approximately $30*).


If you're confident that the man who has everything doesn't have the latest gadget everyone is talking about, act quickly! He will be delighted — and impressed — that you've beaten him to it!


Try to snoop around to see what's on the desk of the man you want to give a gift to (or ask his colleagues to investigate for you!). Once you know what he has and what he doesn't start your shopping and find him an accessory that will improve his daily life at work: a stand for a smartphone, a USB warmer for a coffee mug, a mini portable refrigerator (under $100*), a small fan, an easy-to-care-for (or artificial) plant, a state-of-the-art mouse, a footrest, etc.


Online, in pharmacies, in beauty salons, or spas, you can find a host of beauty and personal hygiene products (shower gel, deodorant, facial cleanser, aftershave lotion, beard oil, etc.) that will please a man who likes to take care of his appearance.

Look for unique, prestigious, ecological, local, or trendy ingredient formulas like volcanic clay. For a successful gift, choose products that he probably would never have bought for himself.
For example, Simkha offers the Men's Skincare Routine Box ($177*), which brings together excellent organic, vegan, and Quebec-made products!


Giving a gift someone will want to keep for a lifetime or even pass on to their heirs is a powerful gesture. You could offer him :

- An exceptional watch from a brand known for its durability;
- A quality reproduction of a work by an artist he admires;
- An antique that will increase in value over time.
To find a beautiful watch he will proudly wear and want to take care of, visit a jewelry store or stop by Ernest. You'll find several models, including this superb Fossil watch with a black leather strap and burgundy dial ($229*) or this magnificent Armani Exchange watch with a blue dial ($365*). Need advice? Our stylists will help you find the watch that will make his eyes shine and complement his wardrobe.


You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses because we often misplace them for some obscure reason! Essential for protecting our eyes from powerful and damaging UV rays, sunglasses are a much-appreciated gift in winter and summer!
Find a frame with a classic or bolder style, according to the preferences of your man who has everything. Polarized lenses, which offer adequate UV protection while preventing glare from the light, are popular.
On this subject, discover right away Kraywoods' wooden sunglasses. There's something for every taste, and the prices are surprisingly affordable (starting from $149*). In addition, the company commits to planting a tree in Kenya for every frame sold!


Does your father, stepfather, son, business partner, best friend, or brother-in-law like to step out of his comfort zone? Allowing him to try a new activity could certainly fulfill him!
You could find a package with Forfaits Québec, Go Forfaits, or La Forfaiterie, among others. Here are some examples of exciting activities :

- Bungee jumping;
- Skydiving;
- Driving a performance car on a closed circuit;
- An initiation to Flyboarding;
- A virtual reality experience;
- A plane, helicopter, or hot air balloon ride;
- A rafting excursion.


If you want the man who already has everything to be able to find a gift that will make him happy every time, offering him a gift card from a company or store he likes (or that you believe he will like) is an intelligent choice.
That said, don't just give him a "bare" gift card with the receipt (in case of activation issues). Please try to show him that it wasn't a last-minute gift idea! You could, for example :

- Offer him the card in superb packaging (or even better, in a lovely reusable container);

- Accompany it with a personalized handwritten note in a greeting card made in Quebec — check out the creations of Citron&Miel (around $6*), printed on FSC-certified recycled paper, those with watercolour from Hobeika Art (regular card at $6* and plantable seeded card at $8.50*), or the playful and colourful ones from Paperole (starting from $3.50*);

- Propose planning an outing with him to choose his gift and grab a bite afterward.
A winning idea to please a man who likes to follow fashion trends? An Ernest gift card! You can opt for a virtual or traditional card (from $25* to $1000*). Our stores feature all the clothing and fashion accessories a man needs to look stylish from head to toe, whether for a special event (ball, wedding, gala), at work, while travelling, at the cottage, etc.
Dress pants, jeans, and chinos, casual shirts, unique socks, luxurious underwear, suits, watches, belts, shoes, bracelets, suspenders, bow ties... the complete wardrobe of the modern man, you'll find it at Ernest!


If you have some free time, you could create a book that evokes beautiful memories of youth for your man. Think of scrapbooking highlighting his most outstanding sporting achievement or recalling his most beautiful childhood birthday. For more personalization, add a caption or touching anecdotes. Are you comfortable with new technologies? Some companies, including Jean Coutu (around $40* for 20 pages) and PhotoInPress (around $80* for 20 pages), offer software and applications allowing you to print and bind digital photos.
Your gift with a nostalgic flavour will evoke pleasant emotions in a man dear to your heart!
Whether the man your gift is intended for has a cellar or not, if he enjoys drinking a quality alcoholic beverage on occasion, he will be happy to enrich his bar with a prestigious bottle!
Look at the SAQ Cellar range for inspiration, or visit a branch for personalized advice. If possible, know the recipient's preferred taste profile of the bottle (e.g., aromatic and full-bodied, fruity and light), or check his preferences regarding spirits (e.g., whiskey, tequila, cognac, sake, rum, vodka).
Furthermore, the trend of mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages is on the rise. Among the best local choices are the excellent Atypique drinks (around $10* for four cans), or the range of non-alcoholic spirits from the Noroi distillery (starting from $25*).


Does the man in question have Olympic-level fitness and love pushing his physical limits? Offer to pay for his registration in a challenge that will make him and accompany him to encourage him!
Think of a Spartan obstacle course (various prices, around $100*), the Snow Pentathlon (multiple prices, over $100*), or, for family fun, the Superdad Race (around $50*)!


A man with everything cannot have seen all the shows on offer or participated in all possible and imaginable festivals and events! So, you can offer him passes for :
- A game (hockey, soccer, football, etc.);- A show (comedy, music, theatre, etc.);
- A festival (film, beer, dance, etc.);
- An exhibition (auto, agriculture, housing, etc.).

If you know his interests and schedule, this gift will delight him!


A man who enjoys learning and developing his talents will be delighted if you offer him enrollment in courses or workshops in an area that interests him, for example :

Wines (workshops offered by the SAQ);
- Social dances;
- Indian cuisine;
- Martial arts;
- Foreign languages;
- Ornithology;
- Music (singing, guitar, drums, piano, etc.);
- Photography;
- Painting;
- History;
- Carpentry.
If your man's schedule is hectic, know that he can often take online courses in the evening or on weekends. Inquire!


After considering our tips and suggestions, you have one or two gift ideas for a man with everything! That said, remember to start early to avoid unpleasant surprises (some products may go out of stock, or activities may be so popular that you won't be able to get tickets). One thing's for sure: remember that no matter what gift you give, it will warm your man's heart. And remember that, as the proverb says, it's the thought that counts!


Do you want to give him a chic garment or a fashion accessory and are hesitating between several options? Visit an Ernest boutique. We'll ask you questions about the man you want to give a gift to give you personalized recommendations. To better guide you, we'll ask for his sizes (shirt, pants, etc.) and describe his clothing style (you can also bring photos of him in various situations).
Before you visit the store, look at our gift ideas selection: there's something for every taste and budget!
With that said, happy shopping for the perfect gift for a man who has everything!
*Note: Prices for all products in this article are subject to change.

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