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Article: The Golden Rules for Dressing Well for Golf

Les règles d’or pour bien s’habiller pour le golf

The Golden Rules for Dressing Well for Golf

It's a fact that dressing for golf isn't the same as dressing for brunch with the in-laws or shining on a first date! If you're reading this blog post, it's because you want to look impeccable on the greens this summer. Count on us. At Ernest, our team is committed to supporting our clients on all occasions!

Thanks to our expert advice and in-depth knowledge of men's fashion trends, you'll learn all the golden rules for proper golf attire. You'll also discover our collections of clothing and accessories that delight our golfing clients season after season. Follow the guide !


From the start, you should know that each golf club has its dress code. Some can be very strict, while others are much more lenient. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the dress code of where you wish to play to ensure your outfit is appropriate—and to avoid being turned away!

Generally, the golf dress code requires sporty attire. This means that suits and blue jeans are absolutely off-limits. Trousers (or chinos) are appropriate, although certain types of long shorts or bermudas are accepted at many places. Needless to say, they must be of a decent length!

For tops, a short-sleeved golf polo with a traditional or Mandarin collar is a good choice. It can be fitted but not tight. Remember to tuck it into your trousers and wear it with a belt.

For footwear, golf shoes with rubber cleats are a must, and socks should be higher than the ankle. Finally, to avoid being dazzled by the sun, you should wear a cap with a visor (and never turn it backwards!).

As for colours and patterns, there are no absolute rules. Once again, refer to the golf course's dress code to give yourself the best chance of success. However, to avoid missteps as much as possible, opt for classic shades (beige, gray) for the trousers and subtle patterns for the top.


At Ernest, we offer our valued customers the perfect chinos and trousers for golf, mainly from our brand, Anthony of London, a name synonymous with quality and durability at affordable prices. You will find them in several versatile or bolder colours (khaki, brown, cream, sand, gray, yellow, burgundy, navy blue, etc.) that will match your mood for the day !

You can also find stretchy and comfortable cotton trousers ideal for golf in our stores. We have models from renowned brands such as Citadin—highly sought after by our golfing clients—and Meyer. Visit one of our stores to select superior-quality trousers or chinos !


Do you always feel too hot on a golf course, or do you simply refuse to wear trousers in the summer when you are outside and the sun shines brightly? That's perfectly understandable! If your club allows wearing long shorts or bermudas, get one or more of our stylish models, without oversized pockets, that respect the golfer's dress code (e.g., length not stopping more than 3 inches above the knees).

At Ernest, we offer several options so that you can create a variety of stylish outfits according to your personality. We have carefully selected chic Bermudas in classic cuts and various colours from brands like Orvieto, A Fish Named Fred, Point Zero, Au Noir, and Robert Barakett.

To make the right choice, come visit us in-store. Our stylists can recommend trendy products that suit your body type and style preferences!


When it comes to "golf," it means "polo"! At Ernest, we offer an exciting selection of polos ideal for golf, with colours and patterns to suit all tastes. Our breathable fabric or microfiber models, in particular, will allow you to refine your techniques and perform wonderfully in comfort on beautiful golf courses near and far.

Do you have a soft spot for the German clothing brand Puma? We do, too: look at our brand-new Puma micro-collection, which will delight many golfers !



The cap is undoubtedly your best friend when it comes to protecting your head and eyes during a long game of golf. Find yours at Ernest today !



At Ernest, we always watch global male fashion trends, including those associated with golf. In an article on the prestigious GolfDigest website, several trendy products in the world of golf enthusiasts are featured. 2024, for instance, the cap known as the "dad-hat," the polo collar adorned with a stripe, large pixel patterns on polos, and ultra-comfortable, stylish, and breathable golf shoes are highlighted.

The website Golf.com, a proper reference for golfers, presents 24 golf clothing brands to watch in 2024—including Puma, one of the brands we proudly distribute at Ernest.

To discover many new products, watch the PGA 2024 fashion show. It presents creations from the most prestigious brands offering fashion clothing and accessories for golfers—and female golfers!

Ernest : your reference for up-to-date golf clothing!

Every time the golf season is around the corner, our team is happy to welcome stylish men looking for trendy outfits to enjoy their favourite hobby. See us in-store soon to find your essential golfer's clothing and accessories: polos, trousers, chinos, bermudas, socks, caps, and more. We look forward to helping you enhance your style!

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