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Article: Men's sweaters and cardigans that will keep you warm

Des chandails et des cardigans pour homme qui tiennent au chaud

Men's sweaters and cardigans that will keep you warm

As summer draws to a close and the cold weather sets in, it’s time to assess your wardrobe and purchase new pieces that will ensure you’re stylishly dressed for every occasion. The comfortable sweaters and cardigans at Ernest will guarantee you look great whether you’re in the office or out on a date. In the world of men’s fashion, layering is the name of the game. In this blog post, we outline a variety of styles to help you create outfits that are practical, comfortable and on trend. Here’s our guide.

  1. Buttoned and zip-up cardigans

When it comes to practical pieces that can be worn seven days a week, nothing beats a buttoned or zip-up cardigan that you can throw on over a casual shirt or dress shirt. To stay warm throughout the year, choose sweaters in various materials. (We suggest wearing wool during frigid weather and lighter fabrics on mild, sunny days).  

Cardigan marine

Our classic and casual cardigans become wardrobe essentials when the weather gets cold. Plus, they come in a variety of colours and textures. To diversify your look, make sure you have solid sweaters in neutral colours as well as several bolder options. In other words, be ready to dress for any activity in an outfit that shows off your personality. 

Cardigan à bouton

2. Half-zip sweaters

One of our favourite sweater styles is the half-zip. Whether it’s made of fine wool or premium cotton, this truly versatile piece can be worn to create both casual and sophisticated looks. 

 Chandail demi-zip rayé

If you want to look good and ward off the cold outdoors or at the office, layer a half-zip sweater over a casual button-up or dress shirt (you’ll love the impeccable tailoring of our non-iron shirts), or opt for a simple, quality T-shirt. To complete this ensemble, choose a well-cut pair of jeans or chinos. 

 Chandail gris demi zip

3. Turtleneck sweaters

When it comes to sweaters that keep you warm without compromising on comfort, the turtleneck is hard to beat. Fortunately for men prefer to stay warm, this sweater style is THE trend of the season. And we’re eager to offer our customers impeccable pieces. Come explore our stores to find turtlenecks of varying fabrics, textures and patterns. Putting together a stylish outfit is simple when you put on this winter wardrobe staple.

 Col roulé marine à rayures

(BONUS) The V-neck is an unbeatable classic

Lastly, the V-neck sweater opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you wear it alone or top it with a sport jacket, this sweater will shield you from the cold air. Consider creating contrast in your ensemble by pairing vivid colours and striking patterns with neutral tones. 

Pro tip: To keep your neck warm while wearing a V-neck sweater, add a matching scarf. 

 Chandail col roulé gris à bande noire

Quality brands to counter fast fashion

Why purchase low-quality clothes (which are sure to wear out quickly) when premium pieces are readily available? At Ernest, we firmly believe that investing in mid- to high-end clothing is better than buying fast fashion knockoffs— a trend that entices people to buy (and throw out) cheap garments that are mass-produced using low-quality materials and unethical practices. 

Our deep-rooted philosophy is that your closet should be filled with pieces you love and feel good wearing so that you’ll want to take care of them for years to come. Building a quality wardrobe is easier than you think thanks to the collections we carry from reputable brands including:

  • Anthony of London
  • Au Noir
  • Bugatchi
  • Citadin
  • Orvieto
  • Riviera
  • Serica Elite
  • Soul of London
  • And more!

Stock up on comfortable and stylish sweaters 

At Ernest, we carefully stock our stores with a selection of clothing we’d happily wear ourselves and recommend to our closest friends. As a result, it’s impossible to go wrong when you comb through our collections filled with both timeless pieces and the latest trends.

With accessories ranging from masks and handkerchiefs to ties, watches and belts, as well as a variety of shirts and pants, we have everything you need to dress stylishly from head to toe. Discover our selection of men’s jackets that you can proudly wear over any sweater or cardigan.

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