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Article: Men’s fashion: 9 spring-summer trends for 2020

Mode masculine : 9 tendances printemps-été 2020 à découvrir

Men’s fashion: 9 spring-summer trends for 2020

Spring is here, and not a second too soon. During these difficult times, blue skies, budding leaves and the sun’s warm rays are a comfort to bask in. Fortunately, our men’s fashions will add even more colour to the coming months. Here are nine of the top spring-summer styles that are sure to define your look in 2020.

1. Classic jeans, coloured chinos and Bermuda shorts

Thanks to their comfort and versatility, Chinos have become massively popular in recent years. One of the best things about jeans and chinos is that you can sport them at both casual gatherings and more formal events.

When it gets to be the middle of summer, swap out your slacks for Bermuda shorts, which are similarly versatile. This year, the preferred style is a simple cut without pockets or accentuated seams and in bright or pastel colours (like sky blue or dusty rose).

2. Floral-patterned shirts

As winter fades, it’s a joy to see buds appear and flowers blossom. While micro-patterns were trendy in recent years, in 2020, floral and vine patterns take centre stage. Intricate designs that resemble works of art will adorn both long- and short-sleeved shirts.

3. Windowpane blazers

Windowpane blazers are always in style. Sport one with a pair of jeans or matching pants and you won’t need to worry about making a fashion faux pas. Depending on your look (and the temperature outside), you can wear the jacket open or with a single button done up. The colour combinations to look for in 2020 are raspberry and blue, grey and blue, and beige and blue — in other words, blue is a must. To complete the look, dress your pocket with a complementary pocket square.

4. Mixing vibrant and pastel colours

Believe it or not, pastels and bright colours are a winning combination. To sport this innovative style, try a striped or floral shirt with two or more vibrant colours and pastel Bermuda shorts. It’s time to make a statement with contrasting tones.

5. Sporty jackets

Puffer, leather and blouson jackets are the garments guys will reach for this year on crisp summer nights. Suitable for both brisk mornings and cool evenings, these snappy but sensible outerwear items can complement pretty much any style. A black, chestnut or navy jacket is ideal for a classic look, while an orange or red jacket completes a bold or sporty outfit.

6. Simple and graphic T-shirts

T-shirts are spring-summer staples. They go with all types of pants and shorts: jeans, chinos, Bermuda shorts, capris — you name it! At the office, wear a black T-shirt under a grey jacket for a business-casual look. On a night out with friends, sport a graphic tee with a puffer jacket.  In 2020, round collars are a must. Stock up on well-made, comfortable T-shirts at Ernest.   

7. White jeans

This is one of the biggest trends right now in men’s fashion. White pants are edgy and exotic and call to mind Hollywood celebrities and classy seafarers. Make yours stand out by complementing them with a short-sleeved shirt, slim-fitting T-shirt, elegant belt and leather Oxford shoes.

8. Loafers of all kinds

Loafers provide the finishing touch to any summer outfit. Whether you’re donning a suit or sporting something more casual, loafers add a dash of sophistication and leisure. As far as colours go, black, navy and cognac are all classic choices.

9. White dress shirts

A fail-safe fashion choice for casual and formal situations alike, a pressed white shirt (or, if you prefer, one that’s nonchalantly not ironed) is another summer staple. It will pair perfectly with your jeans, chinos and dress pants.


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toujours très classe ,j’aime vraiment votre boutique.

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